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Proud to have been Established in 1928. Visit our Website

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Ann, Ashton & Janos

Ann, Ashton & Janos

photo by: Ann Swift

Ann , Ashton & Janos Baurnhaus. Picture taken of Janos at 1 year.
He has matured into a dog we are proud to own, producing Quality puppies with excellent temperments.

Please view Janos's page to see a current picture.

He is Father to Murphy and Uma

Monksley Murphy,

Monksley Murphy,

photo by: Ann Swift

Monksley Murphy. Son of Janos Bauernhaus
Picture taken at about 5 months

Uma  .  Zuberg Una

Uma . Zuberg Una

photo by: Ann Swift

Uma, Daughter of Janos Bauernhaus
Picture taken at 5 1/2 months.
She has an excellent temperament and is best friends with my son Ashton.

Monksley puppy

Monksley puppy

photo by: Ann Swift

Monksley puppy

We are Kennel Club Accredited breeders and Affiliate Kennel Club Members

The first German Shepherd came to our family in 1928, She was our introduction into the show scene being shown at the first ever Bath Championship Show and we have found a special place within the home for them ever since.
Barbara was one of the founder members of the GSD Club of Bristol.
Her daughter Jill has been the driving force behind Monksley's breeding programme constantly introducing new bloodlines, and always having Quality and Temperament as the highest priority.

Being the third generation of the family to live with the breed, I was brought up knowing the unquestioned love a German Shepherd can give, its exceptional ability to work with sheep, cows and as a gun dog! But most importantly as a family companion and so I am committed to its welfare.
I learnt to walk with the help of a very patient German Shepherd and entered my first junior handling in 1979 when I was just 5 years old. I think the dog was bigger than me, quite a picture I am told. I spent about a year in 1994 working with a range of breeds in America but they could never fill the place in my heart like the GSD and since then I have spent very few days without them.

As a family we have had 3 dogs how have earnt their stud book certificates with the kennel club.

My son (born 2006) is now experiencing the joy of having the breed love him as I had.
I have experience with working, showing, rescue and breeding of this amazing breed and am happy to offer my time to help anyone with the German Shepherd Dogs welfare, health and well being as a priority.

We live on the Wiltshire - Somerset boarder with over 12 acres for our dogs to enjoy .

Quality and Temperament is always the highest priority, breeding healthy puppies in both body and mind, idea for a loving family companion.
All of are adult dogs are hip scored and we have no lines to any dogs known to have produced epilepsy.

We look forward to the next 80 years of Monksley

All our puppies are :-
Kennel Club Registered
Fully Wormed
Checked by our vet and Vaccinated
Puppies leave with Certificates for all of the above and:-
Pedigree Certificate,
Kennel Club Accredited Puppy Information Pack
Food Starter Pack
Vaccination Card
Puppy advice information on Socialisation & Future Training, Feeding and Exercise
A Sales contract & Promise for future advice for the life of your dog.

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