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Rumbleton Ulysses of Chermary

Rumbleton Ulysses of Chermary

photo by: Roy Gamble

Rumbleton Ulysses of Chermary (Boe) is 6 years old. and is available for stud.

Sadly Gennie has passed away after a massive seizure on 25th September 2014. She gave us all the love she had and we hopefully gave she a wonderfull life. She was thirteen and half years old and gave us four lovely litters of pups. She will be returning to us in her casket in due course.

Stabathie Winning Colors of Chermary

Stabathie Winning Colors of Chermary

photo by: C Biggs

Strabathie Winning Colors of Chermary (Ebby) has been with us now for 3 years.

Sadly we lost Treya on 30th January 2016 after eleven and a half years.

Welcome to our website. We are a family run kennel and all our dogs are first and foremost family pets. We have been owned by labradors for fourteen years. We got our first bitch White River Huron (Gennie)in 2001 she has produced four litters from which we kept a daughter Chermary Cherfanoya (Treya) in 2004. We then kept another daughter Chermary Chermarnie (Tiggie) in 2005. All our girls are bred from the Drakeshead bloodlines. We now have Chermary Cherquila (Mylla) in 2007. Mylla is the daughter of Treya and was born on 6th August 2007.
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Rumble Ulysses of Chermary (Boe) to our kennels. Boe was born on the 13th May 2009 and is also on the Drakeshead Bloodline, we hope that he will become our stud dog for the girls when he is older.

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