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The lovely

The lovely "Ava"

Bertie at 13 months

Bertie at 13 months

photo by: Trudi Foster

Hang tough!

Hang tough!

LATEST NEWS : We are so looking forward to seeing our first Border Terriers growing up.

Very sadly we have just lost the last of our German Shepherds to the scourge of cancer, she was 10 years old and the sweetest dog.

Although I have bred GSD's for over 20 years I have always had a great love for whippets and had one as a pet for nearly 16 years. I bought in 2009 a beautiful blue brindle bitch "Buebezi Heaven Sent" known as "Ava" and who was intended for the show ring and then to breed. She had a successful start to her show career being placed nearly every time out even with a very novice mum, but sadly she was involved in a car accident which left her with only a short length of tail so showing was no longer an option. She has the sweetest temperament, typical of the breed and loves all people and other dogs. She has had 2 litters of 6 who have all gone to wonderful homes and keep in touch with us.

I am delighted that my daughter Helen has become a joint holder of the Nables kennel name. She lives a few minutes away with her BT and is a frequent visitor.

My 2 dogs live in the house as pets and get along very well with visiting dogs and the sheep and horses. The dogs all love children and are very tolerant. The current favourite game is the "dog train" which involves Nora running round the furniture with Bertie following her.

Bertie has won 24 classes at Open so far, which is pretty good from only a few shows and my first 2 trophies with a dog, I am delighted with him. He is very intelligent and trainable but mostly loves to lie on the sofa, very laid back he particularly loves children.

He has just had a BOB and Group 3 so hopefully 2013 will be a great year for us both. He qualified for Crufts 2014 in his first Champ show at WELKS. Due to other commitments we have done very little showing in the last 6 months but have started 2014 with 2 Open wins and lots of shows to attend.

Our Border Terrier Nora is a delight to have, typical of the breed she loves people and never seems to get tired. She is working bred and loves to go ratting or anything that involves activity. She is very clever and trainable, she has never been shown but has been inspected by a very respected breeder who says she is a good example and of the "correct" smaller size.

She has had a litter of 5 puppies last year which had been sold as soon as they arrived and have all gone to wonderful homes.

My lovely "Ava" is now retiring from breeding and being spayed next Spring to continue life as a lady of leisure. Ava has now been spayed and looking forward to days out and nights under the duvet, life as normal.

Very sadly we lost my beloved Ava to an autoimmune disease in June, missed so much remembered for ever.

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