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Bretforton Nero

Bretforton Nero

'Dutch' gave us many years of happiness. Along with his show successes, Best Dog Newbury, Best Dog Bath Ch Show etc, he has produced some stunning puppies. We miss him very much, he has left a real gap in our lives. He was one in a million.

All our Shepherds are hip-scored and the males are haemophilia tested. Dutch had a score of 3:3 and was Haemophilia Clear.

Videx Remo

Videx Remo

Remo proved to be a worthy successor to Dutch. He has proven himself as a valuable asset to the breed and was an excellent stud dog. He has a hip score of 3:7, haemophilia clear, JRD clear and has a wonderful temperament. He is now retired from stud.

Dutch, Judy and China

Dutch, Judy and China

All our dogs get on really well together, Dutch particularly liked the Cockers. Judy is the one looking alert, China is curled up asleep in her favourite place.

All the Cockers are DNA tested for PRA and FN. Judy is Optigen test 'A1 Clear' for PRA and China is 'B' for PRA and Clear for FN a test which has been recently introduced.

We are running on a super male at the moment, he is blue roan, PRA and FN DNA tested Clear and is from Fowhutt Glaxy (Blue Roan) and by Rosbercon Re-light My Fire (Chocolate Roan). We have high hopes for him.

Chance (Alias Starbound Take a Chance)

Chance (Alias Starbound Take a Chance)

Chance is a lovely Miniature Schnauzer who has been a joy to own. We were very lucky to have her as our foundation bitch for a long-lived ambition to breed mini's. She has a super pedigree and a temperament second to none.

We are very excited about our new boys, Bretforton Yankee Doodle and Bretforton's Dapper Dan. They are looking really good - and are producing super puppies with real outgoing temperaments and good looks. Our Schnauzers are tested for Juvenile Cataract and annually for PRA.

We are a small family kennel in the heart of the New Forest where our dogs can enjoy the freedom of long cool walks under the trees. We are now involved with Cocker Spaniels, and Mini Schnauzers. We no longer breed GSDs, but we do miss them.

We caught our interest in dogs when we purchased our first German Shepherd bitch puppy in 1973 and have been 'hooked' on the breed ever since. We have shown our dogs over the years, but our main interest is in breeding quality dogs with good character and as true to the breed standard as possible. To this aim we only use the best dogs available and insist that all health screening is done.

We are now concentrating on our Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Schnauzers. When we decided to 'downsize' we did our 'homework' and purchased foundation bitches for both breeds from renowned kennels with consistently good stock. Our dogs are all health screened and we are now running on youngsters and thoroughly enjoying them. They are both delightful breeds and we are having a lot of fun with them - not least learning how to groom and present such lovely dogs.

We usually have a waiting list for our puppies and rarely need to advertise, so visit our website to see what we have available.

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