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  • Cocker Spaniel

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  • English Springer Spaniel

Meet our lovely Working Cocker Spaniels.

This is Chocstar Aquilo (Betty), she is 4 years old this July. She works all through the Winter Season Beating and Picking-Up at our local Shoots. She is a very bold, confident bitch with a good nose. She was easy to train, is obedient, loyal and loves a cuddle.

Bohemian Beau (Barney)

Bohemian Beau (Barney)

Barney is a brilliant all rounder. He is a fast, fully trained gundog and has successfully taken part at Working Gundog Tests and won a Certificate of Merit at his first Field Trial. His eyes light up if he is allowed to compete at Scurry competitions! He is my top dog at the Shoots, he Picks-Up or will work on the Beating Line. He is a very handsome dog and will do anything to please.

Timsgarry Kite

Timsgarry Kite

Timsgarry Kite (Libby) is a fully trained gundog and was 2 years old in April. She Picks-Up at our local Shoots, she is a very fast, bold working dog who will retrieve from any type of cover and water. She is a loyal dog and has a loving temperament.

Hillersland Fern

Hillersland Fern

Fern enjoys life. She will try to please with whatever she is told to do. She loves to hunt and retrieve and works well Picking-up on the Shoots. She is a small Cocker but just as strong and fast as the ones with longer legs!

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