Mike Holmes

Rocco the most handsome Great Dane puppy and a true a gentle giant at just 1 year old he has bags of character and charm. He is already shaping up to be a real stunner with great stature and substance. With his jet black shinny coat hes a real show stopper leaving people in complete awe when they meet him.

Rocco is a lovely young boy with a super temperament without nervousness, friendly & outgoing. He displays great elegance & grace, with an absolutely wonderful movement.

Rocco is first and foremost a family pet and as such has we've not yet shown but we hope to get him into the ring very soon were we expect him to follow in his fathers paw steps and steal the show.

The current pictures show Rocco @ 11 months.

Rocco is now 1 years old.

Mike Holmes
West Yorkshire
Rocco The Great Dane

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