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Beardoni clan

Beardoni clan

photo by: Mary Busby

This is our usual walking area. Not all of the dogs volunteered to be in the photo, the others were off exploring or just mooching/playing etc.
It is a fallacy that show dogs are not walked in 'dirty' areas, most show dogs are and they need that quality of exercise to keep them fit and well muscled - helps their brains as well.

Lily and Magic having fun

Lily and Magic having fun

photo by: Greg Knight Ruralshots

Lily and her daughter, Magic enjoying fun during a photo shoot with Greg Knight of Ruralshots. I really don't think they realised that they were 'on camera', but beardies must have fun and the photos are great.

Missy and Lily on a photo session

Missy and Lily on a photo session

photo by: John Daniels

Missy and Lily, taken at John Daniels on a photo session. Lily is from Missy and Brough and she is an absolute delight and soon to be a mummy.
Born 20/08/04, Missy's hip score is 2:2, she had her eyes tested in 2010, they are clear.
Lily was born on 17/10/10, her hip score is 3:4 and since this photo was taken she has darkened considerably.

Dam: Moonhill Takes The Biscuit For Beardoni
Sire: Ch. Emulas Einstein

Again at the woods

Again at the woods

photo by: Mary Busby

Another photo from the 'woods'. It's one of their favourite places to play, so features a lot in our photos.

We are a small home based kennel, all our dogs live in with us and are a major part of our family - okay so they outnumber the humans! We are members of the KC Assured Breeders scheme.

I have owned bearded collies since 1985, the first being a lovely Sallen bitch, Sean added spinoni to our home in 2003. It is only since 2004 that we have had the time and money to devote to breeding.

We only breed from our girls because we'd like to keep a pup for ourselves, therefore we very occasionally have pups available for very special homes. Our aim is to breed the best we can, with health and temperament being the most important aspects.

Our pups are well socialised and loved and will go to approved homes only. Please expect to be well quizzed if you are interested in getting a pup from us. We like keep in contact with our 'extended family' and love hearing about their successes and antics.

Beardoni would like to wish friends and family all the best in whatever canine pursuit they enter, be it breed showing, agility, obedience or just being a happy family.

We are happy to give advice on either Beardies or Spinone and take bookings for pups.

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