Christine Vickers

Christine Vickers
02392 231162

Breeders of:

  • Golden Retriever
Previous Litter

Previous Litter

Freya with her first litter in 2014. Freya was a natural and loving mother who adored all of her puppies



This is Morse the father in waiting he is a happy friendly confident dog with a loving and gentle temperament as well as being handsome!

These are three of the puppies from Freya and Morses last litter in March 2014

Florence and Riley - Freya and Morse's babies aged 2 years old (july 2016) born march 2014

Freya is a lovely cuddly and sweet girl she is fun spirited and gentle
She loves her baby Florence her favourite things are going for walks,muddy puddles,swimming,sucking her teddy and gravy bones she is happy with the simple things in life
Freya and Morse are a happily married couple who adore their children!

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