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Robert & Irina Sammut
Bahar ic-Caghaq
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We are a family run kennel located on the miniscule but nonetheless
beautiful island of Malta. From the moment I got my first Bulldog, which had been a lifetime ambition for me since I was besotted with the breed from a very young age, I was hooked.

Every time I ever came near to buying one there was always somebody out there who would put a damper on things & persuade me to go for another breed. There is allot of misconception about this breed and until you own one you’ll never be able to dispel the rumours from the facts.

It wasn’t long after that we had our first litter and if you think Bulldogs are cute you should see them when they take their first gasp of air. These are memories that will remain with us forever and which drive us to continue in our pursuit , which started in 2007, to have healthy dogs which both we & others can enjoy.

From the time it all start to the present day we prodused number of quality dogs whish become chempions in many contries around the word

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Robert & Irina

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