Faye Robertson

Faye Robertson

Breeders of:

  • Border Collie

photo by: Anne Marie Waugh

photo by: Anne Marie Waugh

photo by: Anne Marie Waugh

Bryn is a handsome, loving boy. He is hereditary clear of CEA, TNS and CL. He has been hip scored 5/6 and is goniscopy and eye tested clear. He has also been tested for MDR1 and IGS and SN and all these results are normal.
He is currently training in agility and has started competing this year, he has a natural talent, showing plenty of drive and a natural speed and jump style.
He is grade 3 currently and enjoys every minute of being at the shows and training.
Bryn has a lovable personality and has a way of always making me laugh, he loves his cuddle time and time walking and running with our other two dogs.
He is great with our children and cats.
He is a handsome, loveable clown.

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