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Beinhard Tommi

Beinhard Tommi

photo by: Beinhard Kennels

Beinhard Jasso (as a puppy)

Beinhard Jasso (as a puppy)

photo by: Beinhard Kennels

A typical Beinhard puppy. Bred for good temperament making an ideal family dog.

Julischka von der Sandkautschniese (as a puppy)

Julischka von der Sandkautschniese (as a puppy)

photo by: Beinhard Kennels

Julischka is all working dog bloodlines. We will be mating her grandaughter (sired by Neck v d Wolfen) later this year, to another all working bloodline male.

Established 1969 - SV Member(s) 1973

~We at Beinhard believe the German Shepherd Dog is a working dog and therefore through a policy of selective breeding we endeavour to breed a consistent type which we hope will be competitive in both conformation and working events.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders. Our breeding stock are hip and elbow x-rayed and our stud dogs are tested free from Haemophilia and tested clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (CDRM). All current breeding stock has now been screened for Degenerative Myelopathy (CDRM).

Our bitches can be seen with their puppies, which are born in the house for socialization. All puppies are correctly reared, wormed, tattooed and Kennel Club registered. They are all vet-checked and go to their new homes with 4 weeks insurance.

A feeding and training guide is contained inside a puppy pack, which is given with each puppy. Our puppies are reared exclusively on Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior, and a large bag may be purchased from us, to go with each puppy.

We endeavour to select the perfect home and surroundings for our dogs and puppies and are prepared to give back up for the life of your puppy regarding advice on any rearing or training problems.

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