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As a child there were always dogs around. My interest in Great Danes began around 1970 when my husband Barry and I purchased our first Dane. He was a poorly bred mis-marked harlequin with a less than good temperament. However, we loved him and he us unconditionally for over ten years.
During his time with us I began to study the breed more, visited shows, spoke to breeders etc. At this time, I fell for a certain brindle bitch and determined to "get the job right", I waited several months until a puppy from a repeat mating was born. I had previously dabbled at open show level with a black dog but this young bitch brought me a great deal of success and started off my "serious" show career.
Since then I have bred several Champions and have accumulated many CC'c and top awards including Best of Breed at Crufts 2004. My dogs have also sired, produced and are predominant in the pedigrees of many Champions.
I have award CC's in the breed, the last time being The Scottish Great Dane Club in 2008.
I have also been bestowed the honor of judging at Dane Of The Year 2012
I would dearly love to be able to import new blood but unfortunately do not have the funds for this.
Since comitting to our boarding kennels in 2002, I can no longer find the time nor the income to continue showing. Maybe this will change in the near future?.
A huge part of our lives has been dedicated to Great Danes and although we shall be winding down over the next few years, I'm 110% sure there will always be Danes around. We just couldn't live without them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to meet and find out more about this wonderful breed.

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