Annamarie Tunstall
24 Cumberland Close
CA10 2EN
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  • Flat Coated Retriever
Our three girls.

Our three girls.

I have always had a great passion for dogs and after meeting my first flat coat I decided they were the breed for me.
I bought my very first flat coat in 2007 and her name is Brooke and she is what made me fall in love with the breed very loyal girl and always has a calm approach to everything she encountered.
Our other black girl Bramble joined our family in 2013 a very active and energetic girl and lastly we have Fudge my first liver girl who is a very laid back girl eager to please who joined us early 2015.
Although none of my girls work or show, they are all keen retrievers both in water and on land.
We take advantage of living in the lake district and are always out and about on walks exploring as long as there's water about they are all happy.
It has been my dream to have my own litter of flat coats and as Brooke unfortunately failed her eye test which was devastating and Bramble still only a youngster we acquired Fudge who needed a new loving home she has a great hip score and clear eyes we decided to have a litter from her as she has a great temperament had been lightly worked and is a good looking girl we made the decision to have a litter to keep back a pup.
We were delighted to welcome to the world 11 beautiful puppies.
We kept one beautiful girl from Fudges litter and her name is 'Hazel' born in march 2016 she is a long legged lady, also a keen swimmer and has stared her heel work doing very well. Lovely soft nature and just like her mum very calm and connected.

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