Mrs T Oxley & Mr J J Oxley
Newton Abbot

Breeders of:

  • French Bulldog

***OSOSWISH*** Kennel Club Assured Breeders***
We recognise the importance of the first weeks of a puppies life, that's why we include, adore & nurture, 'within our family home'.

We strongly believe our method of raising pups is reflected in their temperament. This enables them to have positive social experiences vital for their development & socialisation skills when in future they meet other people & dogs.

Our beloved French Bulldogs are members of our family, born and raised within our home, not outside in a kennel or ‘on mass'! Our aim when we do breed on occasion is to produce the correct colour and type according to the breed standard and for all offspring to be of excellent type with the hope of show quality. This is a passion for us.

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