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Here is Honey as an adorable puppy in February 2013! She was a real Show Stopper when out walking, with her beautiful golden coat; irresistible to other walkers who would stop for a pat!

Here is Milo as a gorgeous puppy in January 2015. When I saw the picture of him with his chocolate and tan face I fell in love instantly. We raced off to the breeder and brought him home!

Out together on a country walk in the woodlands near our home in Bethersden Kent. Milo runs in circles, Honey loves to sniff!

Honey and Milo, Beautiful Parents!

We got Honey as an adorable golden puppy in February 2013 after a few years of longing for another dog. We migrated to the UK from Australia in 2009 and had to re-home our beloved labrador, Bonny.
We decided on a Cocker Spaniel, as a smaller breed than the exuberant Lab. Cockers and Labradors are similar in temperament: both affection and eager to please and beautiful companion pets.
Honey has been a dream girl, such a joy! We took her to Puppy School and enjoyed training her and walking her in the woodlands in Kent. I always intended to breed from her as she is a beautiful pedigree Show Cocker Spaniel.
When Honey was two we got Milo; our handsome and cheeky boy dog; a chocolate & tan Working Cocker Spaniel.
It is such a pleasure walking the two dogs in the countryside with energetic Milo running in circles, covering ten times the territory while Honey prefers to sniff meticulously every bush and tree!
When Milo turned one and Honey reached the age of three we knew it was the perfect time for them to mate to produce gorgeous offspring.
We are now expecting puppies of delicious colours of caramel, toffee and chocolate!
And we think the combination of the Working and Show will produce a shorter ear and silky medium-length coat.
The temperament of the pups should combine the exuberance of Dad with the daintiness of Mum and the affectionate nature of both parents!

Honey's First Litter

Honey, our beautiful three-year-old Golden Show Cocker Spaniel had her first litter on March 1st 2016. She had five puppies, two golden females and two golden males and one chocolate and tan male (like the sire Milo).

Honey was a devoted mum, feeding her puppies on demand night and day in her cosy den. The puppies thrived and grew into little beauties with their soft cuddly fur, long cocker ear and adorable faces.

Their little personalities blossomed too.

Sunny Shine was the first-born male with a light ash blonde head and chest, a ray of sunshine! And a robust little chap who took charge of the mischief!

Golden Toffee was a real Sweetheart, very pretty and so affectionate and cuddly and full of fun and curiosity.

Milo Dream was a tan-golden boy named by the new owners, a family with two excited kids who had been dreaming of a cocker spaniel puppy to call Milo for many months! He was a real character!

Little Milly was the dainty, petite girl yet feisty. She could defend herself in a play fight with the big boys, wrestling and growling and then melt in your arms for a cuddle.

And last-born, Chocolate Bobby was a handsome boy with his rich chocolate coat with tan legs and chest and striking tan face and accents over his eyes! Everybody’s favourite! He looked just like his daddy! He was a placid and confident boy.

The pups were Vet Checked at six weeks and given excellent health reports.

This was my first experience as a breeder and I was shocked to discover the popularity of cocker spaniels. From the minute I posted a photo of the parents on Champ Dogs I was inundated with phone calls and emails requesting a puppy! I cut off the waiting list at 37!

From the list of applicants, I chose five devoted new owners who will give the pups very happy, idyllic homes. And I know the pups will bring their new families much love and joy and fun over the years ahead.

I plan for Honey and Milo to have another litter in 12 months time. So if you want an adorable pedigree cocker spaniel, I suggest you get your name on the waiting list early.
You can email me with your details. I have a preference for devoted dog lovers who will be based at home and live close to parks, countryside or beach for daily walks and give these precious pups an active lifestyle and loving, happy home.

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