I am a kc assured breeder of Miniature and Toy poodles.

We have 2 toy poodles, Ezi and Poppy; 2 miniature poodles, Mish and Dottie and a doberman.

Our girls are not only our much loved pets, but they also train weekly in agility, heelwork to music and obedience.

My passion is with silvers and whites but my focus is to produce healthy, sound poodles with fantastic temperaments. That means we challenge our girls to see what their strong and weak points are. Whether they have drive for particular activities or prefer to be a lapdog. We do the same with our puppies, hoping to match the right pup with the right new family.

As you will see, I do extensive health testing as I believe that if we can prevent disease, we should. My girls are clear of

Pra prcd



Von Willebrands 1,

Von Willebrands 11,

Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures

Gangliosidosis (gm2)

None of my girls have their first litter before age 2 and only if they are clear of the extensive health testing that I do.

Our girls and our puppies are raw fed as we believe this is the most natural and healthy way to feed.

I expect to stay in touch with puppy parents throughout the dog's life for updates and there will be a private group on Facebook where owners can update, discuss and organise meet ups if they so wish.

Puppies will be exposed to a noise cd so accustomed to fireworks, drills, vacuum cleaners, all sorts. They will experience a variety of floor surfaces, obstacles to climb and play on and will be very well socialised.

Our puppies are endorsed and come with an enforceable legal contract that they cannot be bred from.

My puppies come with:

Kc registration documents
Kc pedigree
Show results
Puppy plan training information
Diet sheet
Contract and extensive puppy pack!

Feel free to add me on Facebook and follow our updates of what the girls are upto! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010523593989

Julia Bridge

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