I am an occasional breeder of Miniature and Toy poodles. Each of our girls are not only our pets, but they also train weekly in agility, heelwork to music and obedience.

I am concentrating on silvers and hoping to make improvements by health testing and find the best studs to match each girl with low inbreeding coefficients and improving any breed standard flaws I can find.

None of my girls have their first litter before age 2.

Our 3 poodles are always kept busy, they live in our home as a part of our family and are an absolute joy to be around. Thoroughly health tested and raw fed, these are very good all rounders!

My girls are clear of:
Pra prcd,
bva eye exam clear,
Von Willebrand 1 and 11,
Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures and

Meaning that their puppies will not develop these diseases.

My puppies come endorsed and with a legally enforceable contract to not breed from, export, nor rehome. Should circumstances change, the puppy/dog must be returned to myself.

I expect to stay in touch with puppy parents throughout the dog's life for updates and there will be a private group on Facebook where owners can update, discuss and organise meet ups if they so wish.

Puppies will be exposed to a noise cd so accustomed to fireworks, drills, vacuum cleaners, all sorts. They will experience a variety of floor surfaces, obstacles to climb and play on and will be very well socialised.

My puppies come with:

Kc registration documents
Kc pedigree
Show results
Puppy plan training information
Diet sheet
Contract and extensive puppy pack!

Julia Bridge

Breeders of:

  • Toy Poodle
  • Miniature Poodle

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