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Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns A Blazing J.W.

Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns A Blazing J.W.

photo by: Ledgands and Linda Wilson

Blaze won the Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at Bournemouth 2002 (judge Maggie Northcott) where he also went 3rd in the Gundog Group (judge Peggy Grayson); his 2nd Challenge Certificate was won at Bath 2006 (judge Zena Thorn-Andrews); his 3rd Challenge Certificate at East of England 2007 (judge Geraldine O'Driscoll), and he also has 4 Reserve Challenge Certificates - Gundog Society of Wales 2002 (John Sheridan); Border Union 2005 (Julie Organ); Paignton 2005 (Malcolm Kent) and Driffield 2005 (Barry Welham). He won Top Dog at The East Anglian Supermatch in 2001. He is a proven Stud Dog. He is sired by Sh. Ch. Ferndel Fabian From Panoply ex Bonnygate Euro Lady (Top Brood Bitch for 2006). Blaze won Best Veteran in Show at The Pointer Club Championship Show 2007 where he challenged litter sister Rosie as she won Best Veteran Bitch.

Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns 'n' Roses

Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns 'n' Roses

photo by: Ledgands, Healey, Skinner etc.

Rosie is litter sister to Blaze and won her 3rd and qualifying Challenge Certificate at Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland 2005, judge Barbara Theobald. Her previous Challenge Certificates were won at Gundog Society of Wales in 2002 under John Sheridan, and East of England 2005 where she was also Best of Breed, under Peter Gouldson. She won a 4th Challenge Certificate at Bath 2006 under Zena Thorn-Andrews where she also won Best of Breed and went on to be shortlisted in the Gundog Group. Rosie gained her 5th Challenge Certificate at Pointer Club of Scotland 2006 under Pamela Tibbs where she also went on to be Reserve Best in Show. Rosie also has 4 Reserve Challenge Certificates - Paignton 2002 and LKA 2004, both judged by Liz Rigby, East of England 2006 judged by Lynette Knowles, and Manchester 2007 judged by Jill Anthony. Rosie was bred here at Bonnygate but is owned in partnership by Linda Wilson and Linda Skinner. Rosie won Best Veteran in Show at The Pointer Club Championship Show 2008.

Bonnygate Imperial Choice ShCM

Bonnygate Imperial Choice ShCM

photo by: Ledgands, Healey, Barker etc.

Impi is sired by Bonnygate Gunns Choice ex Bonnygate Holly Lady. He has had a successful show career to date having gained Reserve Challenge Certificate at Southern Counties 2005, judge Glyn Anthony; Reserve Challenge Certificate at East of England 2009, judge Diane Lymm; the Challenge Certificate at Leeds 2009, judge Pamela Tibbs and the Challenge Certificate 2010, judge Linda Pimblett. Impi won Puppy Group 3 at National Gundog Society Championship Show in 2004.

Impi has gained his Show Certificate of Merit.

Impi is a proven stud dog with 2 Sh.Ch. progeny and CC winners in New Zealand. For details of all winning progeny see his page. We have a limited amount of frozen semen available from Impi.

Am.Grand Ch. Bonnygate Kinnike Madam (AI) JH

Am.Grand Ch. Bonnygate Kinnike Madam (AI) JH

photo by: Nancy Dohlmar

Bonnygate Just Diana ShCM is sired by F.T.Ch. Fernglen Fez ex Bonnygate Gunn Carriage (litter sister to Blaze and Choice). Only lightly shown, she is being trained for Field Trials, and her litter sister, Joanna Blowers' Bonnygate Just A Madam for Deadaway, has already won a Puppy Stake at the summer trials, and a Guns Choice award in the spring trials. Maddy won a Certificate of Merit in the Pointer Club of Scotland Open Stake, and has gone on to win two more Guns Choice awards at the spring trials 2007. She has been placed 4th in the Open Stake of the Scottish Gundog Association August 2009. In 2011 Maddy gained 2 C of M's in the summer trials in Open Stakes.

Diana has been inseminated with frozen semen from Am.Ch. Kinnike Paul JH and produced a lovely litter of 4 on 15th February. These puppies are making their mark in the show ring already, all three in this country having qualified for Crufts. Ann Turnbulls Bonnygate Krystal Roses at Beridew (A.I.) who is now a RCC winner and Jo Blowers Bonnygate Karriage Queen of Deadaway (A.I.) have won Gundog Puppy Groups at Open Show level, and Karrie has also won a Reserve Best Puppy in Show at a Limited Show. Erica Bandes' Bonnygate Kinnike Madam (A.I.) has already gained her Junior Hunter title in the US - the day before her 10 month birthday. She has also gained a 4th place in a Derby Stake at the field trials. She has since been entered in another 3 field trials and has been placed in every one. Not only that but she is one third of the way towards her title in the show ring - and she is only 1 year old!

STOP PRESS! Nicky is now Am.Ch. Bonnygate Kinnike Madam (AI) JH.

2013. Nicky is now Am. Grand Ch. Bonnygate Kinnike Madam (AI), JH. She has made history by being the only dog in any breed to gain all of her Grand Champion title points from Field Trial classes.

Bonnygate has been involved with Pointers since acquiring their first Pointer in 1977. This was Cumbrian Kruger (James of Crookrise ex Cumbrian Black Satin) obtained from the late George Holliday. Our next Pointer was Dorabells King Arrogance (Eaglesham Sirius ex Debbie of Crookrise) from Doris & Louis Costello. Then in 1979 came Cumbrian Sea Chieftain (Sh. Ch. & Braz. Ch. Crookrise Rio ex Cumbrian Sea Gail). Chiefie became the foundation, along with Cumbrian Diana (James of Crookrise ex Cumbrian Sea Shell), of the Bonnygate Pointers. Both these dogs came from George Holliday and are behind all the present day Bonnygates. Chiefie gained 1 Challenge Certificate and 1 Reserve Challenge Certificate in the show ring, and Diana her Stud Book Number. Both these dogs had the temperament valued by the Bonnygates today. Chiefie sired Sh.Ch. He Man.

Our first litter by Chiefie out of Diana produced B. All Mischief, Reserve Challenge Certificate winner, and the next produced B. Border Chief, Reg. PAT-Dog. and K.C.G.C.

Pointers kept in the intervening years have been B. Chief Gunn J.W. (sire of Sh.Ch. Swandance Signet) and his litter sister B. Call Me Madam, Reg. PAT-Dog; B. Dark Chieftain (Stud Book entrant) and his litter sister B. Devil Woman, K.C.G.C. Also Bonnygate Euro Lady who was Top Brood Bitch in 2006. She produced Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns A Blazing J.W. and Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns 'n' Roses. Lady also gained her K.C.G.C.

Over the years Stud Dogs used have been Fernglen Forester F.T.Winner; Penebeck Nijinsky; Bonnygate Chief Gunn J.W. (Fernglen Forester ex Bonnygate All Mischief); Sh. Ch. Vossmead Gambler Of Crookrise; Sh. Ch. Ferndel Fabian From Panoply (twice); Bonnygate Gunns Choice (Sh. Ch. Ferndel Fabian From Panoply ex Bonnyagte Euro Lady); and F. T. Ch. Fernglen Fez. Our last 2 litters were sired by Am.Ch. Kinnike Paul JH and Bonnygate Imperial Choice ShCM respectively.

Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns 'n' Roses (owned in partnership with Linda Skinner) has 5 Challenge Certificates and 4 Reserve Challenge Certificates. Rosie is litter sister to Blaze, Choice and Carrie.

Bonnygate strive to produce Pointers which can win in the show ring, and can also give a good account of themselves in the field. We also endeavour to breed healthy dogs and to this end we have just experimented by having Choice and Impi's hips x-rayed. We are delighted with the result: Impi (Bonnygate Imperial Choice ShCM) has a score of 3-2; and Choice (Bonnygate Gunns Choice) has a score of 5-3 which are both excellent scores. We have now had Blaze's (Sh.Ch. Bonnygate Gunns A Blazing J.W.) hips scored and they are 4-5 which is another excellent score, particularly at the age of 7 years old. Karen Lockwoods' Bonnygate Indian Chief at Lockenna has an excellent score of 4-3. Latest hip scores are Jo Blowers' Bonnygate Karriage Queen of Deadaway (AI) 2/0; and Bonnygate Kindred Spirit (AI) 6/3.

Bath Championship Show 2006 was an unforgettable day for the Bonnygate affix where we did the double in style. BONNYGATE GUNNS A BLAZING J.W. won the Dog Challenge Certificate and litter sister Sh.Ch. BONNYGATE GUNNS 'N' ROSES won the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed, going on to be shortlisted in the Gundog group! The breed judge was Zena-Thorn Andrews, one of the UK's top all round judges.

More photographs of the Bonnygate gang can be seen in the individual Show Results.

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