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The Milwyr Kennel has been successfully breeding Maremma Sheepdogs for over twenty years. Dogs bearing the Milwyr affix have won in excess of fifty CC's to date and the very successful Ch.Verner Milwyr, imported from Italy, is behind many of todays dogs. Vinnie ,as he was fondly known at home, is sadly no longer with us but his legacy lives on in his Champion sons and grandson. The breed is very healthy and we only need to hip xray our stock, all the Maremma sheepdogs at home, whether bred from or not, are hip xrayed and only dogs I consider of good enough temperament are bred from. Over the years we have continued to improve the gene pool by regularly importing dogs, Our latest import in Feb 2010, Soriano di Lucas Angitiae, winning his 1st CC at 14 months.
The shelties came to live with us as a result of my daughter wanting a little dog to show and all have big personalities, perhaps having to live with big dogs. The shelties are hip xrayed and eye tested before being bred from. The Australian Shepherd, 1st seen at a KCJO camp and loved at first sight, came along as an agility dog and later show. The Australian Shepherds have been DNA tested, eye tested, hip and elbow tested and I now have a bitch to further the line that is bred from DNA tested clear parents. All our pups are reared in the home and all go with a sales contract which states we will take back any dog at any age if the new owner can not keep the dog for whatever reason. I am a member of breed clubs for all the breeds and a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder.

Jacqui Downes
The Bungalow
Lower Sweeney
SY10 8AD
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