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Canvey Island
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  • English Springer Spaniel

We are now looking at breeding for a 2nd time at the end of 2016, we have loved ESS for a long time, my husband having many ESS during his childhood wished to again have these wonderful dogs as part of our family. Wixy our ESS has a fantastic temperament and has many FTC and FTW in her pedigree. She spends several hours each day on walks, and has the inherited ability to quarter as she is from working stock.

We have both a facebook page, Wixypups and a youtube page wixybelle with many videos of Wixy with her first litter, which I hope you will enjoy.



Wixy's temperament allows us to take many photos of her.

Wixy 2

Wixy 2

Again another photo shoot as she decided to help while we photographed some items for ebay!

In the field

In the field

Her favourite place in all the world the field ! well unless you count the pond or the sea. We spend many hours out and about with Wixy running happily through the grass and although never taught the instincts to quarter and flush out game is strong.

These are three of the seven puppies from Wixy's first litter, very contented and snuggly.

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