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  • Mastiff
Cwmtysswg Kinsman

Cwmtysswg Kinsman

photo by: W.Tigelaar

On the first photo you see our stud dog cwmtysswg Kinsman

He comes out of superb lines has a perfect confirmation and character.

mpanza du domaine de straz

mpanza du domaine de straz

photo by: W.Tigelaar

On the second photo you see our female mpanza du domaine de straz.
The kennel we bought her from our known for breeding big athletic dog with a lot of bone, which we can see in our girl.

Like all of our dogs her character is flawless.

We are a small mastiff breeder in Walmer/Deal in England.
Our dogs live indoors with us as our pets.
Because we want to give all our attention and love to the dogs and they stay with us there entire live we will always have a limited amount of adults.

Both of us have a lot of experiences with dogs, Andrew had Rottweiler’s for 20 years, always living in a pack and he bred with them.
Because of her education Wilma has a lot of experience with the training and behavior of dogs; also she has experience with showing her own bullmastiffs


We breed our pups to have great health, superb temperament and looks.
And to achieve this all our perspective sires and dams undergo the required health tests.
We set high goals for our self to breed in a responsible way.
Breeding is a hobby for us, not a business.

We invite you to browse our website, if you have any questions about our dogs or the breed please feel free to contact us.

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  • 6th November 2015 - Mastiff (Parents Health Tested)