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Megan Du Toit
East Sussex
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Sept '15 litter at 1 week old

Sept '15 litter at 1 week old

photo by: Megan of BellaMunro Airedales

Our current litter
calm, content bitch registered
composed, strong stand, straight tale, good coat
BellaMunro Mr Loverboy
4 Dogs & 1 Bitch available mid Dec '15

At 3 Weeks

At 3 Weeks

photo by: Chanel of BellaMunro Airedales

BellaMunro When I Grow Up (Dog)bighearted and very sweet at three and a half weeks old. The smallest of our litter, fine looking dog, Perfect Show Dog: Pin straight Tail, natural stand, coat colour is more striking, has that Spark.
We call him Biscuit

At 7 weeks old

At 7 weeks old

photo by: Caitlin of BellaMunro Airedale

Pretty little litter
BellaMunro Girl Almighty (bitch)
Pixel is Curious & Gorgeous
biddable? Not yet, with training and persistence.
Extremely Pretty Fine Face,
Fluffy, yeah a little, very attentive.
Very loving and a keeper - oh yes! Most interesting character (a handful) Mummies little Mischief.

Cutie at 11 Weeks

Cutie at 11 Weeks

photo by: Mike Birnie Photography

BellaMunro I have a Dream (bitch)
Best Friend? Most Definitely,
Perfect Show Dog. Attentive, perfect ***** 5stars, Magical
Character is incredible, (if I could keep more...will be heart broken when the time comes)
Took a few to puppies to socialise at my vet and she caught the eye of the photographer immediately. Ace walked up to him, stood still - the camera clicked, she sat down & looked directly up at the camera and he clicked again. She posed for the photographer, then composed, stood up and walked off.

Megan has always been surrounded by Airedales, it was her dream to show, breed and one day own her own kennels. BellaMunro was formed in 2009 with her first show Airedale, Bella. Three years later Bella had her first litter, sired by a handsome champion which in turn gave us our second Airedale, Princess Amber.
Three years later... Amber was introduced to a very sweet champion and on the 7 September 2015, Amber had her first litter.
We had 8 gorgeous puppies, 7 of which are rather calm, content little sweethearts. Pretty little pups. Needless to say 1 is a little monster, Pixel was given a colossal amount of vigour & is so full of curiosity... Well, she found her place in our hearts very quickly.

We absolutely Adore Airedales, Admire their curios character, loyalty and we are grateful to have a small part of this glorious bloodline, of Airedales. And so the story will grow...

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