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glenturret sweet talkin guy jw crufts 2014

glenturret sweet talkin guy jw crufts 2014

photo by: pilla



photo by: Andrew Durrant

muffin puppy gundog group winner

muffin puppy gundog group winner

photo by: andrew durrant

Crew and Darcy

Crew and Darcy

photo by: terri durrant

We brought our first Flatcoated Retriever as a family pet in 1987 to join in with our two very young children, a Labrador and a cat, because of him (Shadow) I have grown to love the breed and taken on a new hobby showing and working the breed with my husband Andrew.
All our flatcoats are typical of the breed having a wonderful temperament and character which is the most important thing.first and foremost our dogs are pets,which all live indoors.
in 1999 wispa had her first litter of 10,6 liver 4 black,which we kept brie our first liver bitch which went on in the show world to get her JW. andrew train,s her to work, which she love,s been with him and out side working.
in 2001 we got a spainsh water dog,Gollie. again she a member of the flatcoat gang,with good hip/eyes results,hope to have alitter out of her in 2005.if i can find a nice boyfriend for her???.
in 2002 brie had her first litter,sadly 6 of the puppies die of kennel cough at the young age of 4 week SO BE AWARE OF KENNEL COUGH IT CAN KILL YOUNG,OLD AND SICK DOGS,the only boy to pull though was chase and this year 2004 at crufts he got a 3rd under the judge mr r we were over the moon with him.he a very specail dog in my life,
2003 sadley in april we lost rush and harley together within 10 of each other with the big c,they were sole mates on earth so they can be sole mates together over the rainbrow bridge too.
in 2003 april this what keep me going after the lost of the boys. wispa had her second litter 6 healthy puppies which we keep nuttey teyha,yes fcr are the peter pan of the dog world they never grow up abit like a teenage all the time.she doing well in the show ring too,
2004 watch this space.well in jan we bought over swed champ comics catman dooley from sweden to bring new blood line into the breed,to stay for 6 months and to mate wispa and do some showing,well on 25 th may wispa had 1 puppy glenturret limted edtion( BLUE} her big show day on 25 nov th 2004 detail will be posted,catman dooley did well at the shows you can see his results on the list below,a very sad day was july 5th when he had to go home to sweden,but we enjoyed him and he make lots of friend in the human and dog world while he was here,a big thank you to carin for letting me have this handsome boy to stay,to my friends in the fcr world that supported me while he was here too.
glenturret apache tears did well at the shows she just miss out on her jw ponits bye 2,well it up to blue to give us some result in the shows to the end of did well at her first show by win 1st and best puppy you can see her results below.
2005 we hope to mate brialow viva la diva via glenturret spainsh water dog in the spring,
well gollie did have alitter on 19,5,2005 two black boys two brown boys one black/white girl which we are keeping after the lost of wispa in april i miss her sadley wispa was a very good mum and show bitch,which i miss showing her but i got her 3 girls to show and breed from that brie and teyha and blue.
we keep tangle out of gollies litter she so cheeky and out going with a big personlity her 1st show will on nov 27th 2005

Blue won her class at manchester champ show in minor puppy then 2nd in puppy,she did well in the show ring in 2005 but due to knee and back problem myself,she was not shown in oct/novdec.
2006 we started with pup of the year competition with blue glenturret limted editionit was at stafford and was run by nefra,it was a great day well enjoyed the day in a relax atmosphere.we didnt win but we did get to the second round but we still took home the best puppy.
manchester champshow was a day of 3rds three trebles for the spainsh water dog,gollie and her two puppy tangle and gillie ,tangle has gone to win two rev best import bitch at champshows.
july 2006 andrew and went to sweden to look at our new puppy a liver flatcoated retriever dog,we meet and made new friends in sweden.will keep you all post about the new puppy later on in the year.went back to the shockholm show in dec to see phoneix at his first show he was award the red ribbon, then he was awarded the purple ribbon for poss promising puppy for the future.that left us on a high
2007 feb 5th gollie had her second 2 boy 3 girl all doing well they be the first litter with tails as the new docking laws come into forces in april.
april 20th tehya die while out playing with blue in the feild from an heart attack,just only 4 years old.this breed break your heart at time when they go so early in life,
august 2007 after 2 year with knee problem and not been able to run the dogs around the ring i had an op on my knee after 5 week took blue to a champshow she gain 2nd place then went to the wales kc champshow where she again her stud book number 2nd in we are both back in the ring as one again.
august 2007 phoneix who lives in sweden has pass his eye test and just waiting for his hip/elbow/patella results back which we should hear in the next two week. got his results back hip A,elbows and knee pass,
sept 2007 pagan enters the houshold of the glenturret gang she from norwign and swedish lines,very laid back puppy,happy doing her own thing,
sept 18th sadly blue was pts,all i want was her to gain her stud book number in 2007 which she did,
blue have fun over the rainbrow bridge with your sister teyha and mum wispa,
jan 27 th
what day at henley on thames open show.pagan the flatcoat got 2nd in puppy,then for the first time in showing the spanish water dogs off the import reg and into classes AVNSC,tangle got 2nd in graduate,
her half borther charlie who i bred went 3rd in special yealing class then he got Best Puppy as he was the youngest in the class and still a puppy.he went on into the Puppy gundog group was place 2nd, he is the first spanish water dog to get a group placing in the uk since coming off the import reg,
got home had a call from sweden, phoneix got 2nd in his class at a champshow,plus his cc in july.
Pagan the fcr had a great show results in 2008 just missing out on her jw by one class win,there was two highlight show the first one at welks where she won the puppy stake class and the other winning best puppy and short listed to the last 8 long with her dad on the same day at national brimingham.
phoenix puppies in sweden are doing very well in the show ring to,
Brie has reach the age of 9 year old, fcr
tangle was mated on jan 26th.2009 swd
and chase is chase just a fun loving fcr.

three spainsh water dogs have been dna or pra to go into a future breeding progamme.

all dogs have been hips scored and hold current eyes certificates,two have been D,N,A.
We only breed occasionaly,with the puppies reared in the house,full advice is given on feeding,excercise,
puppy pack,insurace,k,c reg, micro chip,worming detail,etc.
please be free to email or phone on 01252310267,for a chat on the breed's.

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