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Poppy and Lola

Poppy and Lola

photo by: Sprinkview/ Moor Dog Training

Donisthorpe's Golden Brown at Sprinkview aka Lola

Donisthorpe's Golden Brown at Sprinkview aka Lola

photo by: Sprinkview/ Moor Dog Training

We have owned Chocolate Labradors since 1999. We originally chose this breed because they have suited us as a couple as well as our lifestyle. We chose the colour because not many Chocolate Labradors were seen in our area, at that time.

We breed on a small scale as I am a professional dog training instructor. I handled and trained my first Chocolate Labrador to a competitive obedience level and all of my dogs since have gone through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Poppy achieved Gold standard at 8 months old. I began training her at 8 weeks old.

As so many Chocolate Labradors are show type, I wanted to bring in working lines in order for people to have a dual purpose dog, which has an excellent temperament for family life but also fit for purpose on the field. I look for stud dogs with either the same colour eye to my bitches or darker because I am not an admirer of yellow eyed Chocolate Labradors.

Our puppies are home bred and are habituated and desensitised to household noises, different surfaces and handling. I provide stimulus to the pups as study shows that stimulus early in life makes for increased intelligence. My job as a dog training instructor gives me a lot more understanding on a puppy's development, how it learns and the fear stages it goes through during its life. I am lucky to have access to my own library of dog books ranging from behaviour, training and health.
Socialisation is a key stage for any puppy and with my advice, I will make sure that you and your puppy get it right. Which ever part of the country you are from, I can put you in touch with a professional dog training instructor.

Our current Chocolate Labradors are Poppy and Lola (Aunty and Niece). Their temperaments are second to none and they both play a huge part in our family. We live together, work together and holiday together.

Poppy is a little heavier built than Lola but she certainly is not overweight. She has good muscle definition. Her d:o:b is 01/01/2009. Her coat is smooth and is a mid to dark brown in colour with a slight zig zag pattern down her spine to her rump. Poppy has brown eyes.

Lola has a slim athletic build with good muscle definition. Her d:o:b is 13/02/2013. Her coat is smooth and is dark brown in colour. Lola has copper eyes.

I am so grateful to Jane Kelly at Donisthorpe Labradors for our wonderful girls, as I am very often praised on how well behaved and calm they both are.


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