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  • Weimaraner

Having been in the breed for over 45 years, I am happy to offer help or advice, if required. My love and admiration for the Weimaraner is constant.

All the dogs portrayed on this website are home bred, and can be traced back to my introduction to the breed in 1971 - with my first dog purchased from the famous 'Monroes' kennel owned by the late Mrs. Joan Matuszewska.

As a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, my priority is to produce healthy dogs of excellent type and temperament - as family companions, show or working dogs.

We're proud of the 'Hollieseast' bred dogs that are fulfilling these roles.

To obtain all 3 accolades in the KC scheme, one has to have bred dogs worthy of their KC studbook number, as well as belonging to breed clubs and adhering to a code of conduct, to qualify for this status.

See our own web site for more breed information or call us, day or early evening prefered.



photo by: Charles Rayner

This quality bitch is typical of our breeding plans
to produce all-round dogs of excellent type and temperament.

With her classic head and superb conformation, 'Elke' is the epitome of all that is the Weimaraner. Her sunny disposition and extrovert nature, are what makes her so special!

Following the birth of her litter of 9 puppies to Sh.Ch.Mabanika Sandown J.W. Sh.Cm. in September 2010, she returned to the showring and was often well placed at both Open and championship shows.

She is the Dam of Australian Champions 'Hollieseast Truly Tempting' Owned by Judy Glover of Brisbane, Australia.

Also Australian Champion 'Hollieseast The Timelord' owned by Tommy and Pauline Hendry of Kalgoolie Australia.

At home, she was the naughtiest dog within our canine family, and could re-arrange the garden with 'tasteful' earthworks, that any civil engineering project would envy!

'Elke' has now been gifted to my dear friend Thea, to try and replace the loss made when her beloved dog 'Jet' died.

I know Elke is very happy in her new surroundings with Thea and family, also Elke will get all the love and attention she wants from the children who are part of her new life and family.

They have all moved back to Cornwall where they now live.

Hollieseast Sahenkirsche

Hollieseast Sahenkirsche

photo by: Jeremy Ruggles

'Liesle' enjoyed a wonderfully successful show career!!

As a puppy she won 12 x B.P.I.B. - 5 x Puppy Group 1 - 3 x R.B.P.I.S - 2 x B.P.I.S 3 - 2 x B.O.B.
She was B.P.I.B at both Windsor and East of England Championship shows during her puppy debut year 2009.

When a 'Junior' Liesle was graded "Excellent 3" at the World Dog Show 2009 in Bratislava Slovakia - from a class of 16 junior bitches.

Her brother 'Sam' is a Czech and Slovak Champion in the field and show ring, living with Iveta Novakova in Slovakia.

Liesle retired from the show ring after winning her class at 'CRUFT'S' 2012 - 'Limit bitch' was the biggest class of the day and this win gained her stud book number.

She is the mother of our beautiful 'Biba' who is the future here at 'Hollieseast' - we do our utmost to ensure that what we breed will be a credit to our affix, the owners of our puppies and the breed in general.

Tragically - Leisle crossed to the 'Rainbow Bridge' in April 2017 (this year) following a short but fatal illness - miss you my darling girl, you've taken my heart with you.

Hollieseast Uber Chic

Hollieseast Uber Chic

photo by: Jeremy Ruggles

'Biba' is the daughter of 'Cruft's' winner Liesle, from her one and only litter born June 2012.

Biba has the most wonderful calm and serene nature, her hip-score is below breed average and her 1st litter of 11 puppies were exceptional!!

She is a delight to live with and although her show wins do not match her mother's - she won awards at both Open and Championship shows in her first year.

We kept a bitch puppy from her fantastic 1st litter, who will carry our affix into the next decade.

Hollieseast Vivre le Vogue

Hollieseast Vivre le Vogue

photo by: Jeremy Ruggles

This is 'Vivie' the latest addition to our Canine family.

A daughter of beautiful Biba and handsome 'Murphy' (whom I also bred) she has 10 siblings and is one of the 11 puppies from her Dam Biba's first litter.

Her training for the show ring has proved useful, as she now has quite a few awards under her belt, including the latest win at the WCGB club Open show 2016 "Best Bitch" and "Best Oposite Sex" in show
'Vivi' is now the mother of the latest litter to be bred under the 'Hollieseast' Affix.

She is proving to be an exceptional mother to her litter of 7 puppies.

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