Frances Roberts

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  • Labrador Retriever

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  • Cocker Spaniel
Cor Na Mang Orchid (aka Tilley)

Cor Na Mang Orchid (aka Tilley)

This is our first litter of puppies, which we bred to ensure that we had a pup from Tilley, to continue the strong bond that we have with her. There were nine pups in the litter, seven of which have already been placed in loving homes, including the one that we are keeping. Tilley (Cor Na Mang Orchid) and Ross (FTCh Waysgreen Baracuda) are both excellent working dogs, but just as importantly both have a superb temperament and are a joy to have around the house - it follows that these pups have a strong working heritage, but should also make brilliant family pets.

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