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  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We are located in Haverfordwest, the county town of Pembrokeshire, the home of the welsh corgi Pembroke . We are breeding the healthiest puppies possible and have bred the first vWD and DM clear puppies in the UK.

Our litters were born in Ireland under an Irish KC registered Balletcor name and after two litters the name was also registered with the UKKC.
We have developed what we do and imported and bred litters in North America now concentrating on health of the pups. We specifically breed to the known pedigrees we have along with genetics producing non line bred pups using the resources we have here and developing new lines aiming at breeding the first UK bred DM clear pup.

In 2013 we started on what was to become a marathon in overseas breeding seeing me initiate a litter in Michigan from a bitch from Washington and the sperm from Virginia. It took 16 months. We missed the first season and flying in the sperm the second time round saw a litter of six pups. The bitch is a carrier clear and the dog a clear clear but all the pups tested as carrier clears. A very unfortunate development. I decided to take two and bring them in as it could be another three years for another opportunity. I flew the pups into Dublin and their first walk apart from a scurry at the airport was at Arklow Rugby Club.
That was in October 2014. I worked on them after Christmas and at six months and a few days both qualified for Crufts under the new rules for minor puppies. The next week Zac won BoB at the Cardiff Open show with ten entered. At Crufts we supported other owners of Balletcor corgis and took six corgis not expecting anything. Well Zac took the minor puppy class and then took Best dog puppy. Merlyn another of our dogs took second in Limit. Then Zoe having no opposition in minor bitch went on to beat the puppy bitch so both siblings were Best of sex puppy in Breed with Zoe Balletcors Own Maiden from Arizona being awarded Best Puppy in Breed Crufts 2015 under Australian judge Mr J Burgess.

Stephen has a BALAI registered with DEFRA to import and export animals throughout Europe. In Febuary 2015 we exported a Gemini pup to France and later in the Year this pup took Best Puppy in Breed at the French Nations held in Dijon. We now have contacts throughout Europe and enquiries for pups world wide solely because our pups are health tested and the UK is a class 1 rabies free country.

The start of Balletcor showing team 2011,

The start of Balletcor showing team 2011,

photo by: Stephen Bale

Our showing started low key with a few champ shows and shows in Wales. Here is the then team of Gemini, Michael, George Button and Angel.

Winning the brace stakes & bitch Green Star 2014

Winning the brace stakes & bitch Green Star 2014

photo by: Des Manton Irish Canine Press

Showing continued a pace developing our styles and learning do's and don'ts. This shows Merlyn and Cherry winning brace at the Christmas show in Dublin. Cherry had just won the Bitch Green Star at this show.

At Deise Champ show winning the team event 7/2015

At Deise Champ show winning the team event 7/2015

photo by: Paul Scanlon

One of the nearest shows in Ireland to us is in Waterford and here I put together our Irish team of two reds and two tris winning under international judge Andrew Byrne

Our Tri bitch team winning at Clonmel Aug 2015

Our Tri bitch team winning at Clonmel Aug 2015

photo by: Julie Smith - Our Dogs Ireland

The Irish have a week in August where there are five All Breed Champ shows in one week. At Clonmel our team of three tri girls make a smashing picture in the winners area.

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