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A small kennel based in South West Scotland

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  • Weimaraner
Reef (Sireva Landrover)

Reef (Sireva Landrover)

This is Reef. Reef has just been mated with Ice - see puppy register for details. He has sired many previous litters.
Reef is 5yrs old & has a fantastic temperament. He loves to hunt in our fields & run with our race horses. He even jumps the jumps!
He is a very faithful dog & never leaves our side. He will sit outside a stable/byre door for hours until we reappear.
He is great in the house & adores children to play with. He is well built but not too tall - just perfect. His party piece is our 13' trampoline where he jumps on himself & bounces on it all on his own or with his friend "Ice!". He has to be seen to believe it!

Cloud - standing proud

Cloud - standing proud

This is Cloud (Sirgal Cirrustratus) standing in our garden.
Cloud also loves running with our horses and hunting all day long. She thinks it is very funny to open doors with her paws when we shut her in rooms - if she cannot manage the handle with her paws she will definately succeed with her teeth. She is very intelligent and adores company - although she is very quick when catching the vermin i.e. mice and rats and has delight in showing us what good work she has done!
Cloud has the most fantastic temperament and absolutely loves life - just like her father, Roscoe and mother, Blue.

Cloud playing dressing up!

Cloud playing dressing up!

This is Cloud playing a dressing up game with a little girl called Chelsea who comes to our house to see her pony.
As you can see Cloud is fantastic with children and demands more and more games to play! When hide and seek begins she hunts out all the children before they are in their hiding places!
When our tractor starts up Cloud always thinks it is a game and likes to sit in it whilst we manage our fields (may be she should have been a Collie!?).

Ice (Sirgal Smirnoff Ice)

Ice (Sirgal Smirnoff Ice)

Yes this is Ice - the most mischevious one here at the moment. She is 3 years old. Ice is Cloud's daughter & has grown into an outstanding bitch with the most beautiful head. She also has good bone structure throughout her body & is well in proportion. Her temperament is excellent & she just wants to play all day long.
Ice too opens doors just like her mother so obviously the intelligence has been passed on! "Trampoline - how dare you, that's mine - get off", yes I am sure this is what Ice is thinking when she hears the springs going because she runs so fast to jump on it she just about comes round the corner on two legs!
Her newest party trick is ringing the door bell when she cannot open the door when it is locked!

We are a small kennel based in South West Scotland (nr Gretna Green - directly on the Scottish Border) with over 15 years of experience producing very well bred Weimaraners.
Personally, we do not show our dogs but we give them the best life of freedom by allowing them to hunt on our land all day long.
All our dogs have loads of attention which is what weimaraners require & are all ued to children.

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Current Litters

  • 8th February 2017 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)

Previous Litters

  • 8th February 2016 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)
  • 30th May 2013 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)
  • 7th February 2012 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)
  • 19th April 2010 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)
  • 12th April 2009 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)
  • 5th August 2008 - Weimaraner (Sire Health Tested)
  • 6th April 2007 - Weimaraner (Sire Health Tested)
  • 31st October 2005 - Weimaraner (Sire Health Tested)
  • 30th June 2003 - Weimaraner (Sire Health Tested)