Zoe Fithern and Adrian Russell
12 Marlborough Rd
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Breeders of:

  • Swedish Vallhund

Owners of:

  • Canadian Eskimo Dog
We are family

We are family

photo by: Zoe Fithern

Baby Dora 2015

Baby Dora 2015

photo by: A Russell

Lille Viking's Ivar taking Best of Breed Amsterdam

Lille Viking's Ivar taking Best of Breed Amsterdam

photo by: Kinoweb Amsterdam 2015

We have been proudly owned by our Vallhunds since 2012. We have been all over the country and travelled Europe with our dogs both on holiday and showing.

Ivar came from Switzerland in 2014, we travelled over and met him at the tender age of six weeks and then returned when he was 14 weeks. We returned to pick him up, slowly travelling back through France as we all got to know each other.

Dash is doing well, confirmation showing and has just started Agility. He has lost his baby spot to Dora. However he doesn't mind and is still as bouncy and spoilt as ever.

Freya had a beautiful litter in 2015, bred with careful thought to our pups pedigree and helping to improve and strengthen the breed genetics. All the pups have been healthy and have great personalities.

Adorable Dora has stayed with us from our 2015 litter and now has the baby spot. In December 2015 at the tender age of 3 months she took Best Minor Puppy in Breed at Brussels Dog Show.

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