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Dalfire Action Speak Louder at Dalmardi

Dalfire Action Speak Louder at Dalmardi

photo by: Kate Barclay

Pixie has the best character of any dog I have met. She is so loyal and very obedient. She has yet to enter the show ring but I have high hopes for this girl, she takes every new challenge in her stride. She has bilateral hearing +/+, elbows 0, hips 4/5.

Dalfire After Eight

Dalfire After Eight

photo by: Kate Barclay

Darcy is Pixie's sister. A very silly dally but so comical to watch. She has a very gentle nature when around humans, especially children. Such a sweet girl. She has bilateral hearing +/+.

This is my lovely boy Flame. He is my little show boy, and doing very well indeed. He is a very special boy as he carries the LUA gene and is the first LUA to be resident at Dalmardi. He has a very nice nature even if he is still a clumsy puppy at times. His results will be updated as time goes on. He is Baer +/+ and is liver spotted with beautifully dark pigment.

Here at Dalmardi we care about the future of Dalmatians. We bought our primary bitch in 2013 and have never looked back.
We are breeding for the LUA gene with overall health in mind.
Our dogs are hip and elbow scored, BAER hearing tested +/+, have sound temperaments and are fed top quality food to keep them in perfect condition long before a decision is made to breed. Our dogs health is paramount.

Get in touch for a chat about my dogs and the joys of living with dalmatians and for information about future litters.

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  • 19th November 2015 - Dalmatian (Parents Health Tested)