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Welcome to Dalmardi Dalmatians!!
We are breeding for the LUA (low uric acid) gene while using statistical information and health testing to ensure all our puppies are happy, healthy and live long lives with their owners.
Dalmatians are a very adaptable breed...they have been known to succeed in agility, Flyball, scent work and obedience so only dogs with sound temperaments are used in this breeding program to prepare them for any task required of them but most importantly so they can live in the home happily.
Our dogs are hip and elbow scored, BAER hearing tested +/+, have sound temperaments and are fed top quality food to keep them in perfect condition long before a decision is made to breed. Our dogs health is paramount as is any puppy we plan to breed.
Each puppy is given a comprehensive socialisation plan from just a few days old and given information on how to continue this in the new home.
Puppies are weaned onto a raw diet just like the adults and will have had many different foods by the time they leave. If you don't raw feed already or you are a first time dog owner, don't worry, you will be given a wealth of information on how to continue this type of diet...we're always at the end of the phone!
All puppies are microchipped and baer hearing tested before leaving for homes as well as having had their DNA test carried out to show which puppies carry the special gene. Puppies are wormed and owners are given the worming schedule and how to continue with it.
We offer a lifetime of support to all puppy owners and wish to remain in their lives indefinitely.
I show my dogs a little and have frequented the show ring with my male (see results)...he's had a very promising start...watch this space!
We always hope the best one or two will be shown a little too although this is not essential.

Get in touch for a chat about my dogs and the joys of living with dalmatians and for information about future litters.

Miss K.Barclay
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  • 26th May 2017 - Dalmatian (Parents Health Tested)

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