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  • Weimaraner

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  • German Shorthaired Pointer

Murphy (Wallaroo Solo) son of Wallaroo Scootch and Greywise Ditzy Diva by Wallaroo. Murphy is 5 years of age and is a very gentle dog with fantastic qualities and a lovely temperament. Murphy is first and foremost a family pet that is used as a working dog on shoots in Devon & Cornwall. His loyalty, drive, determination and extremely soft mouth makes for a fantastic accompaniment in the field.

Maisy (Wallaroo Huntress) daughter of Wallaroo Red Rum and Wallaroo Crystal. Maisy is 4 years of age and is first and foremost a family pet that is used as a working dog on shoots in Devon & Cornwall. Maisy is a very independent girl who's obedience in the field is outstanding. She has produced an amazing litter before with Murphy producing some outstanding puppies that have gone on to make the perfect companions and working dogs.

Tilly our 10 year old GSP. Tilly works alongside our Weimaraner's and has been a fantastic Gundog during her years. She refuses to give up and has been a fantastic teacher for both of our Weimaraner's.

Our last litter 2015

Our last litter 2015

Murphy & Maisy produced a fantastic litter from 2015. (All pups are docked & dew clawed)

We are extremely excited to announce that Maisy has successfully repeat mated with our handsome boy Murphy. The pups are due on Valentines Day so if you are interested in one of our pups, please keep an eye out on our litters page soon.

We are breeders of the Working Weimaraner based down in Sunny Devon. Our Gundogs work every season on local shoots in Devon and Cornwall but are first and foremost family pets that live in our home.
Our stud is our very own handsome boy Murphy and our dame is our very own gorgeous Maisy.

We are also owners of a German Shorthaired Pointer who also works alongside our Weimaraner.
If you would like further information on our breeds or any forthcoming litters, please drop me a line at your convenience.

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  • 12th February 2017 - Weimaraner (Parents Health Tested)