Geilo - Winner Special Yearling Dog Crufts 2006

Geilo - Winner Special Yearling Dog Crufts 2006

Geilo- 6.5 months.

Geilo- 6.5 months.

Geilo - DECEMBER 2005

Geilo - DECEMBER 2005

Madi,Tascha,Libby(not ours!) Oska & Jodi,

Madi,Tascha,Libby(not ours!) Oska & Jodi,


Geilo qualifies for CRUFTS 2006, he won the Yearling class at CRUFTS 2006, see picture.

On the 16th January 2005 at the age of four months Geilo attended his first show in Norway, on the continent puppies can be shown from 4 months old. He was entered in the Puppy male class where we were delighted with his performance (see Geilo's show results).

In April age seven months Geilo was entered in two shows, at his first on the 23rd The Norsk Doberman Klub Show he was Best Male Puppy. We were very pleased with this result as were his breeders as this was only his second show. The following day he was entered in the Norsk Rottweiler Klub Show. With an entry of 7 BMD puppies and a total of 178 puppies in every breed, the total entry for the show was nearly 900. Geilo came under the scrutiny of 3 international judges during the show (see show results) In the breed classes judged by Irish Michael Forte Geilo was Best Puppy Male/Best Puppy, he was Best of Breed. In the group 2, judged by Swedish Conny Bystrom Geilo was awarded Best in Group. Geilo was now in the line up for the Best Puppy in Show award under judge Karl Eddie Berg. We were delighted when his breeders Stig and Line told us that Geilo had achieved BEST IN SHOW 2. This is a great acheivement for a dog so young, especially a Bernese. As we all know it is not often a Bernese achieves such a high place in a mixed breed show. We can only hope that when he comes to England the judges here can see what others see in him. Here is a brief translation of the judges critique: "Very balanced male. Beautifully marked with excellent dark eyes and expressin. Plenty of drive in the rear and excellent movement. Very good in profile".

Geilo was presented and shown to perfection by Line and Stig his breeder's, a special thanks to Line for her great handling and training of Geilo.

On the weekend of May 14th/15th the Norsk Berner Sennenhund Klub held their Club show at the ski resort town of Geilo. The setting for the show is outstanding, with fine views of the lake and mountains. Our young male Geilo was entered in the puppy class (6-9 mths) where he was placed third. The show attracted an entry in excess of 365 with exhibitors from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Norway/England (ourselves).

During the weekend of the 25/26th June at the age of 9.5 months Geilo attended his last two shows in Norway before coming to England. At the NBSK Show at Trondelas judged by Jan Herngren of Sweden who had an entry of 85 Bernese (70 adults & 15 puppies). Geilo won the Junior Class with a prize of honour, was 3rd in Winners class & was 5th Best Male, he also received his first Reserve CAC. He was entered in the breeding class (progeny) with three of his litter sisters, being placed second.

On Sunday at the NKK Show in Trondheim with an entry of 61 Bernese, the judge Birgitte Schjoth from Denmark Geilo placed fourth in the junior class.

Early in July we went to Norway by car and ferry to colect Geilo who is now 10 months old, our journey home took us 36 hours. We drove all the way from Norway to England, we did not use any ferries as we did not want to leave Geilo unattended in the car while on the ferry crossing. Our journey took us through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and finaly England. Throughout the journey Geilo was perfect, with temperatures of 30 + degrees the air conditioning in the car was vital. Arriving at our home in the early evening and meeting four of our females, Geilo entered and settled as though he had always lived with us. When he met Heiko and Oska he was just the same with them, within the next 24 hours we took him to visit friends. Again when he entered their house he was the same, he greeted them with such enthusiasm and loved all the attention. Like all our dogs Geilo has a fantastic temperement and great character, these are two important attributes for us.

We have been very fortunate to have friends like Stig and Line in Norway, they not only bred Geilo but have cared for him in every way. They have trained him & shown him successfully several times in Norway(see results) until he could come to England. Next year is the anniversary Club Show of the Norwegian Club, we intend returning to Norway and enter Geilo in the show. The Norwegian Show is held in the ski resort of Geilo, when Jill visited the show she had a wonderful time there. After having a fantastic time at the show and being made welcome by everyone she met we decided that the name of our new male would GEILO.

When Geilo was first shown in England as a puppy he qualified for Crufts 2006, he had be be shown in the Yearling class at Crufts. He was the youngest dog in the class at 18 months, the others were up to 2 years old. At his first time at Crufts Geilo won the Yearling class, see his show results for shows in England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium.

A few weeks prior to Crufts we had entered him in the Flanders International Dog Show in Belgium, he was entered in the Junior male class which he won, he also went on to be Best Junior in Breed.

On Sunday 25th June 2006 we returned to Belgium where we had entered Geilo at the Brussels Dog Show in the Intermediate class. He went on to win his class graded excellent and forward for the challenge for the CACIB.

We are the only UK Bernese exhibitors who show on the continent in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, France and also Ireland.

We are looking forward to the future with Geilo and hope to have a litter from him during the summer.

Geilo's hip result is 2/2 (i.e. A/A)
Geilo's elbow result is 0/0 (A/A)

Assessed as a P.A.T. dog March 2006, he will be visiting a school for disabled children and children with learning difficulties. He has also passed his Temperement Assessement by the BMDC of GB where he passed with an excellent. Like all our dogs Geilo has a 100% sound temperement and character.

Watch for news of our all our dogs.

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