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Champagne s

Champagne s

Sheltysham Sampane Soda S.Shampane Snob S.Chic Chandon avec Caristan SH.CH.S.So Chic SH CH.Caristan Moet Chandon & S. Sampane Sider

SH CH Sheltysham Swagman / SH CH Saucey Sue

SH CH Sheltysham Swagman / SH CH Saucey Sue

My parents told me as a teenager if I wanted a dog to leave home .so I did and with the help of the Observer book of Dogs , chose a Shetland Sheepdog ,(small dog as in a bedsit ) unfortunately not suitable for the show ring , so was introduced to obedience, Of course another duly followed suite and moved back home with the pair . Also bred my first litter and registered my Prefix 1963-1966. I worked the shelties up to Championship C in which my I did manage a third place . Meanwhile I became involved in Working Trials and with 2 shelties UDx wanted a larger dog Hence the border collies which progressed to TD championships I also show ed them at Championship show leavel before recognised by KC , I did not breed border collies until owned my own house 1970s as brought up to stand by anything that I bought into the world which I still do !990s saw me with a small flock of sheep so had a go at training the shelties and border collies on sheep but only competed with the borders to which had great fun in Cradle nursery and novice trials with some success. Change of circumstances and a compulsary move to make room for a new town , and now on my own . I concentrated on the show scene .and continued to breed Borders and shelties concentrating on tempraments in both breeds 2008 saw another Big Marker in my life now in my 60s and to gaurantee support for my dogs for life I brought a lovely young couple Mrs Wilson into my prefix so the prefix will continue with support for puppies and integrity The 2004 I also included two Ausstralian Shepherds to my pack but decided a new prefix for them Ozways was born with some success and share this prefix with Mr Wilson again to support the dogs. During the late 1990s -2008 I also had some Hounds Otterhound s and mini dachs which gave a big insight into the hound characteristics etc but when I lost the last otterhound they have not been replaced nor the daxis as cutting down on animals. The border Collies are my most successful show breed having bred two American Champions and nine English Champions and 2 with stud book numbers in working trials In shetland sheepdogs have bred 5 stud book numbers in breed and two in obedience Australian Shepherds the (new breed) two stud books numbers out of one litter I give CCs in Border Collies waiting for an invite for Shetland Sheepdogs but well qualified and on A lists At Open show level The Groups . Working Hounds and Pastoral .Etc. Iam a member of most of the Border Collie Clubs Bcc o F GB Midland Southern and East Anglia and been on the committee of 2 In shelties The English Shetland Sheepdog Club Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club on the committee still. Founder member of the Watling Section Founder member of the Shetland Sheepdog Working Section and started and for many years produced Sheltie at Work As a worker Have Run the Kennel Club Championship Working Trials and served on the East Anglian Working Trials committee for many years and ran their trials for 10years or so Penny Forster-Cooper

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