nicola hunter
07765 406877
07765 406877

Breeders of:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Rottweiler

I live with all my dogs on a large working arable farm and am lucky enough to have plenty of space to work, train and breed my beautiful Gundogs which are my absolute passion in life. Throughout the shooting season I work my labs and cockers and train and breed throughout the summer months. My dogs are first and foremost my friends and I spend every moment I possibly can with them. I don't trial my dogs and need them to have a definite 'off switch' out of season as many live in the house so I am careful to breed a more laid back line which I have found make very good active pets. I make a point of staying in touch with as many pups that I've bred as I can which means I know my line inside out and am always available for help and advice throughout the lifetime of any pup l have bred.
My Rottweilers complement the Gundogs well. Sadly many Gundogs are now a target for thieves and originally that was why I introduced rottis to my life as a deterrent. However over the years they have become so much more than a guard and I thoroughly enjoy their laid back sweet nature and they enjoy the Gundogs training too. Some years ago we had a dairy herd and they would bring in the cows which of course was their original role as a breed.

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