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Breeder and owner of the very first Spanish Water Dog Open Show Best in Show Winner. Calida (Briarlow's Belleza)

I was very lucky to have been one of the original Canagua partnership who imported the SWD into England 24 years ago.

Sadly Dilita de Ubrique passed away at the age of 12 and her daughter Lydia (Canagua's Llamativo Senora) passed away at the wonderful age of 15 but I'm fortunate enough to have some of their wonderful offspring. Also Lana passed away in 2015 at the age of 15. Dilita was a fantastic ambassador of the breed and I'm lucky that her character continues down the line.

For me temperament is the main thing that I look for in a SWD. We are looking forward to exciting times ahead and hopefully some wonderful new additions in the future.

Briarlow's Belleza - Calida

Briarlow's Belleza - Calida

photo by: Denman

On this picture is Calida. The very first BIS winner at the Spanish Water Dog Club Open Show.
A happy, healthy girl, who brings a smile to everyone's face. Such a character and a joy to own.

Hipscore: 12/6 PRA-DNA Carrier
Gonioscopy clear

Calida had a litter of pups on the 5th July 2013. Dad has a hipscore of 6, PRA DNA clear and gonioscopy clear. PUPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Do not hesitate in contacting me if you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful breed.

Briarlow's Moby del Tierradelmar

Briarlow's Moby del Tierradelmar

photo by: Briarlow

Photograph of Moby whom I bred and who is owned by Mrs Lynn Napier.

This is Moby aged 3 with a full corded coat.

Moby is almost 12 and thanks to his wonderful owner looks fantastic. His litter brother and sister are still going strong too. both of which you can seen on the Glenturret and Espiritu pages.

Briarlow's Nuevo Principio - Carmen

Briarlow's Nuevo Principio - Carmen

photo by: Briarlow

Carmen, mother to both Calida and Poppy. Has wonderful health results and is a real worker. Enjoys gundog training.

Carmen Hipscore: 6/7 PRA DNA clear
Gonioscopy clear

One daughter shown from the last litter has won BPIS's, RBPIS and has been placed in the gundog puppy group both here and Guernsey.

Briarlow's Brioca - Poppy

Briarlow's Brioca - Poppy

photo by: Briarlow

Poppy. Extremely intelligent girl who just keeps busy all day.

Natural bobtail, all health tests done so far have had good results.

Hipscore: 4/4 PRA DNA clear Gonioscopy clear

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