Gill Pearce-Gudger
West Midlands
077544 88064
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  • Cocker Spaniel
Gill Pearce-Gudger

Gill Pearce-Gudger

photo by: Gill Pearce-Gudger

My name is Gill Pearce-Gudger, I live near the Centre of England on the outerskirts of Coventry, West Midlands. I have been involved with cocker spaniels for 30 years and during this time have gained knowledge and experience from well-known kennels of the past and present to bring to the future. I am involved in showing and have in the past trained my show cocker spaniels to work and competed at show spaniel working events .. its great to see a cocker spaniel using its natural working instincts. I am secretary to The Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club and The Cocker Spaniel Breed Council and also a representative for The Cocker Spaniel Club Rehoming and Rescue Scheme. I love all cocker spaniels and can't imagine life without one.

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