Sophie Younghusband

Sophie Younghusband

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Priceless Prancer

Priceless Prancer

Side view

Side view

Priceless Prancer - KC registered Black & White Dalmatian

Beautiful dalmatian with gorgeous conformation, good spotting and a desirable dark eye. Most importantly he has the most wonderful temperament, and is so gentle and calm, and is especially good with children.

HIP SCORED: 4:5 (=9) hips - we are so pleased with this excellent result as it puts him into the 'A' class. Dalmatians are usually 11-13 and Milo has pleasantly exceeded this! We are so proud of him.

He is currently excelling in Ringcraft classes and is booked in for a few shows this year.

He is a Pets as Therapy Dog.

He is Laboklin gene tested and is lemon gene free and carries the liver gene.

He has 100% Bilateral hearing via a BAER test (he also comes from a good pedigree with his father never having sired a deaf pup).

He is insured on Petplan, fully vaccinated, vet checked, de fleaed, wormed and fed on the raw diet.

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