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Meadow Cottage
Shellards Lane, Alveston
Shellards Lane, Alveston
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Breeders of:

  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Cocker Spaniel
Oakleaf Bozo

Oakleaf Bozo

photo by: Sire of Field Trail Champions

Oakleaf Bozo, this is a truely magistic animal, he has fantasic presence, a joy to handle, and the most gentle character for such a powerful dog. We are extremely proud of his progeny, they carry his character and willingness to learn. They also have the same presence as he does, trotting along (as a friend discribed it) like a Dressage Horse.
He is Health Tested Clear CNM, Optigen, Hips 4/4, eyes Clear. He has produced a FT CH made up at only 22 months old.

FT CH Clearmeadow Flash of Countryways

FT CH Clearmeadow Flash of Countryways

photo by: Milo

FT CH Clearmeadow Flash of Countryways. Milo is a special friend, he is extremely loyal and one of the fastest dogs I have seen competing in a long time. He came 3rd at the Spaniel Championships 2012, and still remains the highest placed Black and White Dog.
He has produced a FT CH made up from novice in one season. Many of his progeny have won at all levels, the majority with novice handlers.
He is Health Tested Clear eyes PRAcord1, Clear PFK Deficiency, Clear Fucosidosis

OFT Winner Clearmeadow Solo (Max)

OFT Winner Clearmeadow Solo (Max)

OFTW Clearmeadow Solo, Max, has been a pleasure to train, he is so responsive and loves his work. We competed at the Championships in 2014 awarded a Diploma of Merit. Max handles like a labrador, and hunts with no need for a whistle at all.

FT Award Winner Charlie

FT Award Winner Charlie

photo by: Lisgarvagh Eyre of Countryways

FTAW Lisgarvagh Eyre of Countryways, Charlie, he is my young dog and coming on really well this summer.
He is a medium sized dog with good Black and White Colour, his is becoming fastest as his confidence grows.
He has a great game finding ability and loves cover.

I breed and train gun dogs and have 30 years experiance. I am lucky as its also my hobby and my passion. I spend the winter months shooting with my dogs and competing all over the country in field trails.
I have several home bred Champions, making my Springer Spaniel Gwen up from Novice to FT CH and a Diploma Of Merit at The Championships in one season.
Clearmeadow Flash of Countryways and Black Labrador Oakleaf Bozo have Sired Champions, and we are so Proud of the consistent quality of their progeny. They do well with an amazing variety of handlers, from extremely novice to professionals.

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