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  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

Since 2003 we successfully breed and raise Rhodesian Ridgebacks with all our heart. Our first female Ridgeback, Jasira, is a unique, adorable treasure and a soul of a dog. We are very happy to have started our breeding with her; To this day, she gives a perfect base to our offsprings, plus a healthy temperament and a special nature. Our kennel, named Sharula, was based in Germany the last few years, where we were able to providean optimal environment and an enjoyable life for the dogs. Professionally, our life has shifted abroad, so now we are present with show- and breeding dogs internationally.
We raise our puppies with lots of love, beginning with the optimal planning of the suitable breedingpair and the perfect care for the parents.
Until the 9th week, the little ones remain in our care, being prepared for their life’s journey.
They are being chipped and dewormed, and they receive their pedigree, KC registered. They also are examined by a vet twice and checked by a Judge of the breeding association. The puppies will only be given into appropriate families: We want to get to know each potential buyerbeforehand. To us, it is most important that the puppys are given to a loving and caring home.

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