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We Are a Small, Loving, Caring But Well Educated, Experienced & Knowledgeable Family Breeder of Bulldogs. We Are Also The Kennel Club Recognised & UKAS Inspected & Certified Assured Breeders of Top Quality, Healthy & True to Standard Type Bulldogs, We Are Located in the North East of England.
We Are Considered As New To The Breed And Have Only Been Involved In The Showing Aspect For Just A Year But Our Passion, Respect, Honour and Commitment For The Breed In Whole Is Unquestionable.
We Have Come A Long Way & Had Some Huge Success & Accomplishments Already And Have Definitely Found Our Calling.
We Strive Ourselves on Breeding and Showing Nothing BUT Purebred and Only Recognized KC Registered Bulldogs.
Bred From Our Own Much Loved Fur Family & Show Quality Bulldogs That Are Prime Examples of the Bulldog Breed Standard & More... But We Don't Stop There as we Go Beyond and Above That to Ensure We Only Breed and Produce Top Quality But Purely Healthy and Fit Bulldogs That Will Benefit The Breed We Love and Owe Our Lives Too.

Mr G S & Mrs M L Maxwell
61 The Grove
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Current Litters

  • 29th April 2017 - Bulldog (Parents Health Tested)

Previous Litters

  • 4th November 2016 - Bulldog (Parents Health Tested)

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