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Cwn Mynydd Pyreneaidd
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Sir Gaerfyrddin
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  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog

"Maelgwn" was registered as an affix with the British Kennel Club January 2003, previously I had been living in Norway for a number of years, where I had renewed my acquaintance with the Pyrenean Mountain dog, my first having been a rescue dog from Swansea dog's home, when I bought a male pyrenean from Randi Ringnes of Huggy Bear Kennel, Askim, Norway. "Huggy Bears My Little Harvey" as well as showing him, I was privileged to see and experience, whilst living in Norway, the joy of the working Pyrenean, everything from Stock Guarding, Cart Pulling, Pulling the youngest family members (baby) in carry-cot type sleighs accompanying the whole family on the Sunday afternoon family treks on Cross country ski's, In fact Harvey complete with harness and doggie saddle bags not only pulled me on my ski's but carried the ingredients for the "Snow Picnic" on his back and loved every minute of having a job of work to do! When I bought him back to the UK and after his stint in quarantine I realised that the show ring was never enough for him so he trekked the mountains with me in Wales proudly wearing his saddle bags until the sad day he passed away in my daughters arms waiting to go in to see the vet. In Harvey's memory I decided that the Show Ring alone was not good enough for my dogs so I exercise their brains as well as their brawn, and as my second breed are working Welsh Sheepdog's, as well as doing agility, The Pyrs have a lot to live up to....
I have owned and shown Pyreneans since the early 1970's and was a member of the Norwegian Pyrenean Club whilst in Norway.
On my return to the UK in the 1980's I joined the South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club, and showed in the South East of England. until my return to West Wales.
Unfortunately we have no official Pyrenean Clubs in Wales, and currently not very many Championship Shows. hopefully one day this will be remedied.
As a rule I do not have many litters, but work on keeping my lines going and improving by choosing my dogs carefully, shortly I hope to import some working Pyrenean blood from mainland Europe, working instinct can be bred out of dogs that only trot up and down the show ring for generations, and sometimes making them into very dull dogs indeed, and consequently having a negative effect on their intelligence. I belive in breeding to the standard and keeping the working link alive.

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