We have owned Staffords for 2 years. At first our Stafford was a family pet but then approximately 1 and half years ago we got the showing bug and have been showing ever since. We now own and show three Staffords but first and foremost they are pets first then show and breeding dogs second.
All our dogs are genitically screened for L2-HGA and HC, they are all gentically clear. Our dogs are also tested for PHPV and are all unaffected.
Our dogs live in a balanced pack which also includes a Bulldog.

Our adult dogs diets consists of raw poultry meat and offal mixed with a blended balance of raw vegetables and fruits, however they also have kibble added to this.

All our staffords have amazing tempreaments with humans and dogs alike.

Mr Lindale Turner & Miss Jane Neale
West Midlands

Breeders of:

  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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