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For those of whom care about investment put into the future health of Dalmatians, not just the here and now!!

Tyrodal is the pioneer kennel for introducing the Normal Uric Acid gene Dalmatians from the USA. ALL other Dalmatians carrie 2 mutated genes for High Uric Acid, No other breed of dog has lost the normal gene! Much more information on this breed spercific health problem can be found on my website. I am a KC accredited breeder and have been visited and checked by the scheme. we are featured in the KC video...Dogs, a Healthy Future!

We don't just hearing test, this after all is a basic necessity of breeding Dalmatians. We also hip & elbow score All are dogs, and do as much health testing as we can, we like to know all we can know about our dogs, this ensures we put the right dog to the right bitch. We don't just say..health is important to us. WE DO THE HEALTH TESTS! Over 40 years in this wonderful breed!

We have a litter planned for 2013. one parent will carrie the Low Uric Acid gene,so we hope 50% of the pups will also be LUA.

I prefer contact by telephone rather than email when enquiring about our puppies, this I feel helps both you & I to be sure our puppies are the ones for you!

We are members of...
British Dalmatian Club.
Dalmatian Club of America.
Dalmatians of North America.

Puppies are for sale to
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AM Ch.and UKC Grand Ch Fiacre's First and Foremost

AM Ch.and UKC Grand Ch Fiacre's First and Foremost

UKC grand Ch Fiacre's First and Foremost.
aka Fiona. A very special Dalmatian! She is one of only 3 Dalmatians in the UK to posses the normal uric acid gene, Imported from the USA
to correct the breeds predisposition to urate stone disease. Her first litter is planed for
November. Her health testes include, BEAR Hearing, Hips, Eyes, Thyroid and DNA tested for
Low Uric Acid She is also tested clear of the lemon gene & DNA profiled.

AM Ch.UKC Grand Ch Fiacre's First and Foremost

AM Ch.UKC Grand Ch Fiacre's First and Foremost

Fiona is an open show Best of Breed, Group, and res BIS Winner! She is a consistant winner at Championship shows, and is a CC winner!

Fiona is no stranger to winning top awards in her home country USA!
She won best in show at the Dalmatians of North America Speciality.
She is a 5 times best in show and 3 times res best in show, all breeds
winner! She is No 1 Dalmatian UKC 2008 & 2009.

Just befor Fiona left the US she won the UKC premier Total Dog Award (performance & breed)

Tyrodal Xtra Factor LUA

Tyrodal Xtra Factor LUA

photo by: J Evans

Tyrodal Man on a Mission LUA

Tyrodal Man on a Mission LUA

photo by: J Evans

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  • 8th April 2015 - Dalmatian (Parents Health Tested)

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  • 19th November 2011 - Dalmatian (Parents Health Tested)