Tim & Rebecca Thornton

Tim & Rebecca Thornton
White Colne
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Breeders of:

  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Hungarian Vizsla
Colnevalley Della

Colnevalley Della

Our liver & white cocker, primarily used for falconry work but also a great beater and retriever.

Siriusbell Felenk

Siriusbell Felenk

Our Hungarian Vizsla, trained and worked as a falconry dog.

Rupiesrabble Peregrine

Rupiesrabble Peregrine

Our cocker spaniel from our first litter from Colnevalley Della.

We are a family breeder, breeding Working Cocker Spaniels and Hungarian Vizslas.

We bred from our Cocker Spaniel initially as we wanted to continue her line and keep one to train as a gundog, as our existing dogs are trained primarily as falconry dogs, although our Spaniel is also an excellent beater and retriever.

All of our dogs are kept in our family home with our baby and are very much part of the family.

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