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  • Border Collie
Indiana, B&W female

Indiana, B&W female


Dollywood, Blue & White female

Dollywood, Blue & White female


Lacey, ee Australian golden red

Lacey, ee Australian golden red


We are a small breeder with 5 lovely border collie girls: 3 B&W, one Blue Seal& White and one ee Australian golden red. We breed occasionally and tend to have around 1-2 litters per year. Our girls are a pets first and foremost enjoying a full and active life. All our girls are health screened according to KC breed standards.

Our girls live active lifestyles and we ensure they are well mannered and socialable.

Our puppies are always raised in our home where they are acclimatised to all household noises and surroundings as well as our other dogs. They are regularly handled by our grandchildren and adults who visit for play and cuddles. Our puppies are always confident and inquisitive. They are weaned on BARF and complete to ensure sturdy bone growth, glossy coats and optimum health. Preference is given to prospective owners who will continue with the BARF feeding regime as advocated by Dr Ian Billinghurst in "Grow Your Pups Slowly with Bones".

Please expect lots of questions from us if you are interested in one of our puppies. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to visit our girls by appointment. We must be 100% sure that our puppies are going to homes where they will be stimulated and most of all loved whether your plans are activity related or as a faithful family pet. Under no circumstances will we let our puppies go to people we are not 100% sure about when viewing. We have declined viewers in the past if we did not think suitable homes would be provided. We expect you to be as interested in us as we are in you and spend adequate time viewing, observing and asking questions. We expect you to keep in touch regularly once you have reserved a puppy as we will with you at least once a week with our Puppy Bulletins. Puppies will not be released to people we have never met.

We will not sell any of our puppies if they are to be left alone for long periods of time whilst people are at work. This breed is too active and sociable to be left alone.

We often have a waiting list for puppies.

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