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Teaseltail Twitterbug J.W. R.C.C

Teaseltail Twitterbug J.W. R.C.C


Teaseltail Twitterbug J.W. R.C.C. (Edward)
Edward hAs won BIS open, BPIS Open, RBIS open, x 6 times each. He has also won the puppy stakes championship show level and the open stakes championship show level. Best Puppy in Breed at championship show level plus a reserve championship certificate and his Junior Warrant.

He is qualified for Crufts dog show for life, and is available at stud to approved bitches. Edward has sired championship show winning puppies including Champion Teaseltail Trainspotter, and NOR CHampion Dharma Do`DL BUG By Teaseltail who lives in NOrway but attained 4X BPIBREED at Championship Shows in 2003 in the UK and in the short time in NOrway has been crowned a CHampion and also won the the Best Dog at The Swedish Pug Speciality Show under Mrs A. Bolton UK breed judge (Anmarric). This show is the creme` de creme` of the swedish/norway area and there were 76 top show winning pugs present.

Edward is full brother to INT + World Champion Teaseltail Tiffie, and Swiss Champion Teaseltail THomas. Edward is half brother to Belguim Champion Teaseltail Trainspotter, BOB Belguim Pug Dog Club and BOB Amsterdam All winners Show.

Since entering into the veteran classes in February 2003 Edward has won extremely well. EDward has again won best veteran dog at CRufts 2004 in addition to his best Veteran dog in breed at CRufts 2003,2004, and 2005. He also won Best Veteran in Breed at Darlington CH Show 2003, Blackpool Ch Show 2003, , Wales + West of England Pug Dog Club Ch Show 2003, .The NOrthern Pug Dog Club Ch Show 2003, Darlington Ch Show 2003, Birmingham Kennel Ass; Ch Show 2003, Cheshire County Agricultural Show 2003, Manchester CH Show 2004, Wales &West of Eng Pug Dog Ch Show 2004, UK Toydog Ch Show 2004, Blackpool Ch Show 2004, BVIS, Shaw Crompton and Royston 2004, BVIS BLackpool Toydog 2004, BVIS NOrth Wales Toydog 2004, BVIS The Northern Pug Dog CLub Open Show 2004 sadly we lost edward to cancer in 2005 a very sad day and the end of a wonderful 10 years.

Ranaholme Maid of the Night at Teaseltail

Ranaholme Maid of the Night at Teaseltail


Ranaholme Maid of the Night at Teaseltail (Cilla Black)
Cilla is a lovely quality black girl who excels in head type and confirmation. she was a gift from my friend miss julia chapman of ranaholme pugs. Cilla is no longer with us sadly. Her only litter was Prunella who was a gift to a good friend of mine

Teaseltail Soots Me

Teaseltail Soots Me


Teaseltail Soots Me (Prunella)is a Twitterbug and Maid of the Night daughter she has a lovely fine black coat and the blackest of eyes, she qualified for Crufts 2004 at her first championship show. The picture portrays Soots Me at the age of 8 weeks. s Prunella qualified for crufts winning best minor puppy bitch at the age of six months on the day((2003) Prunella was only lightly shown but qualified for crufts at every show.

Teaseltail Twitterbug

Teaseltail Twitterbug

Edward again in show stance just asking to be placed at Manchester Championship show in 1999 where he won a huge Limit Dog class . Edward passed away in 2005 a very sad day. All of our pugs are line bred to Edward and Edwards` father


We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

My grandarents and great grandparents owned pugs many years ago. Indeed my great grandmother made up a champion pug in 1900, so you can see why pugs hold a special place in our hearts.

Teaseltail Pugs are a small family of pugs who are companions first, showdogs second. They all live in the home and are never kenneled. Genuine pug visitors are always welcome and advice and help is freely given. My pugs are only bred when a new pup is needed for the showring, and only top quality show pugs are bred from. If they dont make the grade to show they are never bred from. Because I am registered as a `breeder` with champdogs, this does not mean that I have puppies ready `anytime`. Indeed at the most I will have one litter a year and certainly not every year...only as I said previously when my son needs a puppy to show . WE prefer to be viewed as " PEOPLE who adore the pug breed" and really see the term ""BREEDER""` as someone who breeds commercially as a business and purely for monetary gain. Indeed this is not OUR aim our pugs are treated as family members and are very rarely bred from. Quality and improving the breed conformation and temperement is my sole aim.

If you require a pug from Teaseltail then you would have to be patient and prepared to wait, also expect to be asked many questions as to why you require a pug puppy.
Permanent homes for puppies are carefully vetted. If I can help in anyway I will, advice is freely and willingly given. Pugs are a very special breed and the decision to own one must be thought out very carefully. They are quite wilfull and lively but very loving, importantly though is the fact that they are 100% companion dogs and want to be with someone most of the day. IF YOU EMAIL ME THEN PLEASE PUT A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOURSELF YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND A TELEPHONE NUMBER SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF NECESSARY . SINGLE LINE ABRUPT EMAILS( I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE) BUT THEY WILL NOT BE ANSWERED ;FOR EXAMPLE... how much IS A PUP? I AM NOT A COMMERCIAL BREEDER, BUT WILL I STRESS AGAIN HELP IN ANY WAY I CAN TO GENUINE ENQUIRIES. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT MY PAGE

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