Dual Champion Amscot Irresista Belle

Dual Champion Amscot Irresista Belle

photo by: Nick Ridley

Trisca winning her Show title in 2002

Trisca winning her Show title in 2002

Trisca at work on the moors

Trisca at work on the moors

And it's official!! She's famous!

And it's official!! She's famous!

Amscot Kennels is one of only a handful of true dual purpose kennels in the UK, meaning the Gordons are capable of working on a grouse moor or on partridge / pheasant at the highest level, being shown at Championship level in a show ring and making excellent pets. Many owners have come back to replace their beloved Gordon when it passes on. That is the highest recommendation I could have.

I bought my first Gordon in 1983 and now have my 10th generation direct line descendants to that original Gordon.

I have bred, owned and campaigned the first Dual Champion Setter in UK history. Dual Champion Amscot Irresista Belle, 'Trisca', has been featured in many books, magazines, dog papers, etc including the Kennel Gazette and the front page of Dog World.

Her brother, French Champion Amscot Jetsetter has sired many litters across Europe and some wonderful progeny in the UK. Sadly Jet is no longer with us and we lost my beloved Trisca in 2010 at 15 years old.

Jetsetter made a wonderful contribution to European Gordons Setters and in the UK with his progeny with a Full Champion daughter, 2 Show Champion sons, CC, Reserve CC and Field Trial awards winners.

Dallas, Amscot Rebel With A Cause, has in 2013 become the first male Gordon with major Show awards in over 60 years to also be an Open Stake FT Winner!

Congratulations to Jane Osborn and Dual Ch. Boyers Scarlatti, the breed's second Dual Champion! This momentous event took place in July 2014. Thrilled that my very own Ch. Amscot Dramatist had something to do with it as Scarla's sire!

I have bred and owned International as well as UK Champions, a Field Trial Champion, and judge internationally as well. I have been honoured to judge in Australia, Holland, Italy, Germany, and France at Championship level, and was very honoured to judge Gordons at the World Dog Show held in Paris in 2011. I have also judged at Match Level in the United States. I thoroughly enjoy meeting Gordons and Gordoners around the world.

I have exported stock to Canada, the USA, Iceland, France, Sweden, and exported semen to responsible breeders in other countries. All owners abroad must meet me personally and like UK owners, satisfy my high standards to own an Amscot puppy.

Gordon Setters unfortunately can suffer from a hereditary condition called Hip Dysplasia. I screen all my puppies, including as many pet owned as possible for Hip Dysplasia. I have 3 times won the UK Gordon Setter Association award for best hip-scored litter in the country. Other winners usually have Amscot bloodlines. My HD scores are now regularly in single figures of which I am very proud.

Late onset blindness, PRA, has now been identified in the breed and a test is now available via DNA. All breeding stock tested and are CLEAR of the gene responsible.

First and foremost I believe in breeding Gordon Setters who can still do the job they were bred to do and look beautiful doing it. Because they are smart and have excellent temperments, they are very trainable and make wonderful companions in the right home with lots of exercise.

I personally stay in touch with every owner throughout the dogs life and am available at all times for advice or assistance.

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