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Welcome to Padspugs.
I got my first girl, Delilah as a 10 week old and totally fell in love with the breed!!
Like anybody that has Pugs, you buy one, fall in love then want another one in the opposite colour as a friend!! This is exactly what i did...
I then got little Daisie from Lynn English, Ruuicha Pugs a little black girl, Delilah and Daisie were best of friends and although we had 2 crazy pugs running around and spinning under the cushions on the sofa, they used to wear themselves out for half an hour and then sleep for hours so the house was still relitively 'calm'.
I bred Daisie with Teaseltail Fly by Night and she gave birth to 5 gorgeous black puppies, one of which was that tiny i had to resuuscitate her, hand feed her for a week and sleep with her on a heat mat! Endless sleepless nights and standing on squeaky toys half asleep and screaming thinking id stood on a pup!! But i absolutely loved every minute of it.
.....But then things got a little messy! I fell absolutley head over heels with this baby girl and even gave her a name ..Little Dolly Rose.
The thought of her going devasted me and after many rows and fall outs with the other half, i put my foot down and decided i was keeping her!! ....But then we had a problem... i had 3 pugs, 2 black, 1 fawn!! ...Odd colours!
I met Ann Lewis (Teaseltail Pugs)at a show and she had 2 young fawn Pugs with her that she was showing, as soon as i saw Alice i pestered Ann for weeks who eventually gave in and let me buy Alice. I had to sneak her into the house without the other half knowing and pretend i was looking after her for a friend you can imagine, he did not speak to me for a week!
By this time our quiet family home had turned into a mad house, Pugs everywhere, running around with their tails underneath their back legs and bottom tucked under their bellies!! My daughter was in her element!! My other half built a man shed, not for the dogs but for him!!
My 4 girls have taken over my life, holidays to Dubai have changed to holidays in a tent with 4 dogs! My 4 girls have taken over my house with a free run of any room they wish to go in! My 4 girls have taken over my garden! ... I wont go into that one!
I will never ever be without a Pug in my life ...maybe my other half but never my Pugs, they bring me so much joy and love!
My girls are my absolute world, although i do not breed regular, when i do, i pay 4 times as much for my stud as others. I will only have the best for my girls and their offspring, health, temperament to ensure i produce best of the breed and championship level Pugs.

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