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  • Australian Shepherd
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Amenbury 2015

Amenbury 2015

photo by: Rebecca Lee


Paris and Bandit

Paris and Bandit

photo by: Rebecca Lee

Paris and Bandit 2011

Torr and Morse

Torr and Morse

photo by: Rebecca Lee

Torr and Morse 2011

Remus and Juno

Remus and Juno

photo by: Rebecca Lee

Remus and Juno 2011

Assured Stud Dogs***
The AMENBURY affix has been going since 1989,when I started out with my German Shepherds and my Corgis. All my dogs live in as part of the family and never live in cages or kennels,because of this I keep the number of dogs down to around six or seven depending on ages or sizes.
All the boys have wonderful temperments,and have fun doing, Agility,Obedence,Fly Ball and Showing,but most of all they are my family and I love nothing better than being out in the fields or on the beaches just having fun?.My thanks must go to Jacquie,John West,and to Lynn Cousins,for all the help and kindness they have shown me with my lovely Australian Shepherds,

Juno and Paris are now working as Animal Assisted Therapists,in and around Torbay Devon,and are showing just what Aussies can do,

I would like to send to ALL my boys babies all the best of luck in the world and wish you all a long and happy life together,(photos are allways welcome),

All the pups from this year are now in there new homes,GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.(2016/17)

Amenbury wish to welcome River,a B/M puppy from the Bandit and Dixie litter,he has come down to live with his Dad and the rest of the pack,River has settled in very well and is a very well behaved little boy,so look out for him in the ring around November time,

CRUFTS 2014,who has qualified so far this year.

Shepalian Bear Neccessity,(harvey,Juno's son).
shepalian Flickers Flock,(flicker.Juno's daughter).
Amberslade Singapore Sling at Amenbury,(torr,Paris's son).
Moonstyle Devon Express at Amenbury,(morse.Paris's son).
Moonstyle Secret Weapon,(storm,Paris's son)
Shepalian Maid in Heven,(asher,Juno's daughter)
Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian,
(Mitch,a Paris son)
Amberslade Tennessee,
(Daz,a Paris son)
Amberslade Delaware,
(Della,a Paris daughter)
Tribbrook Beam Me Up Scotty,
(bear,a Juno son)
Tribbrook Commander Tpol,
(leta,a Juno daughter)
Tribbook Pavel Chekov,
(joey,a Juno son)
Moortime Free Flyer over Amenbury

DOBBY has arrived we have a Pembroke Corgi back in the house,Dobby (see his page)has hit the show world and is turning out to be a very special little man,by 9 months he has become a Junior Irish Champion,He has had many Best of Breeds,Best Puppy in Breeds and adult and puppy group wins and a res best puppy in show as well as a best puppy in show,He will be going up to Crufts together with Torr and Morse,so watch his page for all his updates.

Morse and Torr have having a wonderful time in the show ring,never unplaced weather its a Championship or an open show,they have had over 60 first's and over 50 Best of Breeds between them.

Juno is now in Veteran classes and has had 8 Best Veteran in Group places(he will never grow up,and can still out move most of the dogs around him:))

Juno has won 2 Best Veteran in Show,this year as well as many Best Pastoral Veteran classes,he will be going to the Top Dog of Devon again this year.

CRUFTS 2013,
TORR 4th out of 16 in PG WELL DONE TORR AND BECKY:):):):).

My one in a million boy was put to sleep on the 1st July 2014,to stop anymore suffering,He was my soul mate and the gap he has left will never be filled,allways in my heart and thoughts,you have left your legacy in all of your babies,
God rest my wonderful boy,

NEWS FOR 2015,

Phoenix a red merle puppy from the Tribble ,Juno litter has come down to live with his Dad and the pack,He has settled in very well and loves nothing better than to beat up Dobby and River,he will be a great addition to the Amenbury family,so keep an eye out for him in the ring soon.

Maverick a b/m puppy from a RUBY/MORSE litter has come down to join the pack,and like his Grandad Paris has had a fantastic start to his showing,having won many Best Puppy in Breed,Puppy Group placings and two Res Best Puppy in Shows,all with Bex showing him,He will be at Crufts and Top Dog of DEVON,with Torr,and with Dobby,he is a wonderful addition to the AMENBURY house.

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