Sarah Lee

Breeders of:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • English Springer Spaniel

2014 - The Runewood 'R' litter settling for a nap.

Baron and Rowan - the proud parents. Both carry the yellow gene hence the great range of colours in the litter.

Tywi looking good. Tywi is truly lovely but unfortunately has poor conformation and won't be bred from.

We only breed occasionally - either when we need a pup to bring on or when the waiting list goes off the page! Because of this we can take our time to plan.

We breed with four things in mind: conformation, health, temperament and working ability. If we can't tick each box, we don't breed - simples!! We slso believe that a dog is for life and take great care to place our pups in the right homes. We also realise that life can throw some curves and therefore offer support, advice and practical help when needed.

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