Pappersley Chihuahuas

Rachel Berrington
West Midlands
Pappersley Chihuahuas Website

Breeders of:

  • Long Coat Chihuahua

Owners of:

  • Papillon
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Crimson Tide of Pappersley (Ruby) - Papillon

Crimson Tide of Pappersley (Ruby) - Papillon

Black Opal of Pappersley (Lottie)

Black Opal of Pappersley (Lottie)

Jocarchi Ice Crystal At Pappersley (Crystal)

Jocarchi Ice Crystal At Pappersley (Crystal)

Reynoldco Sweet Melody At Pappersley (Rosa)

Reynoldco Sweet Melody At Pappersley (Rosa)

I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder

Pappersley dogs - We are a small show kennel breeding for health, temperament and breed standard, predominantly for the show ring. Puppies are sometimes available to approved pet homes.

Having owned toy breed dogs all my life, I started with Yorkshire Terriers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I now have 2 elderly Yorkies and an 11 year old Cavvie, who are all retired and spend their days relaxing and enjoying genteel walks. I have a Papillon who is an agility dog and my older Long Coat Chihuahua who has had her breeding career cut short by a diagnosis of epilepsy and is now speyed and retired from breeding but is able now to follow an agility career (her breeding lines are completely unrelated to my other dogs). Finally I have my younger long coat Chihuahuas are following show careers. All my dogs live in the house and are my much loved pets and family dogs first and foremost.

Retired dogs at Pappersley - I have 3 retired girls; my Yorkshire Terriers Sophie (16) and Cassie (14) and Holly, my Cavalier. I have had all of them since pups and they are enjoying their sedate retirement!

Agility dogs at Pappersley - Ruby (Papillon) competes, and Lottie (Chihuahua) is working towards competition. Despite their diminutive size, I believe small breed dogs still need exercise and mental stimulation. Both Ruby and Lottie love agility and it has helped them to become well rounded, well socialised dogs. They are most definitely not handbag dogs! Both Papillons and Chihuahuas make fantastic agility dogs as they are intelligent, quick to learn and eager to please. It gives them the exercise they need, but also helps build a strong bond between dog and handler. It is a fantastic way to spend a few hours with your dog each week!

Show dogs at Pappersley - Crystal, Rosa and Jasmine are all following show careers and doing well. Crystal is a super show girl who loves the show ring. Daisy is my homebred girl, daughter of Crystal, who will be starting her career in the show ring as soon as she is 6 months old.


Puppies - I rarely advertise puppies as I have significant interest in my puppies and have homes waiting well in advance of litters. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from me, please contact me, but be prepared to wait for a puppy. I get a lot of enquiries from homes looking for a puppy immediately or within the next few weeks - I never sell to homes who enquire on this basis. The best homes are those who find a good breeder then wait as long as it takes for a well bred healthy puppy - careful and ethical breeding is more important!

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